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78/52 (2017)

78/52 is a movie starring Marli Renfro, Alfred Hitchcock, and Tere Carrubba. An unprecedented look at the iconic shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960), the "man behind the curtain", and the screen murder that profoundly...

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The Synopsis for 78/52 (2017) 720p

An unprecedented look at the iconic shower scene in 's (1960), the "man behind the curtain", and the screen murder that profoundly changed the course of world cinema.

The Director and Players for 78/52 (2017) 720p

[Director]Alexandre O. Philippe
[Director]Alfred Hitchcock
[Role:]Alan Barnette
[Role:]Tere Carrubba
[Role:]Marli Renfro

The Reviews for 78/52 (2017) 720p

lacking any new insight...Reviewed byMichaelJDorrVote: 5/10

As a Hitchcock fan, the premise of 78/52 really excited me. Like many cinephiles, I love Psycho...for its boldness, brilliant pacing and unforgettable performances.

One thing I enjoyed about 78/52 was the collective passion for the subject matter (the famous Psycho "shower scene"). The excitement from the filmmaker and interviewees was quite contagious; making the film very watchable from beginning to end.

I enjoyed the film's exploration of the shower scene's impact on cinema; specifically, its influence on Scorsese (and Raging Bull) as well as how the scene inspired an entire genre of subsequent 'slasher' films.

BUT...with that said, I struggled to find "new news". There is extensive research and discussion on Hitchcock and Psycho. A lot has already been explored. I found that 78/52 fell short of offering any fresh insight. Maybe it is because the documentary's interviews (mostly with with film editors) felt like a series of fanboys gushing over Hitchcock's brilliance. I found this to be quite tedious.

Lastly, I think the film needed to discuss Hitchcock's (unhealthy) relationship with women as an influence on his obsession with the shower scene. It is well-documented that Hitchcock subjected some of his actresses to forms of abuse (Tippi Hedren, Vera Miles). While Janet Leigh was always extremely professional/positive toward Hitchcock, I think the Psycho's shower scene desperately needs examination of Hitchcock, his own sexual obsessions with voyeurism and his general view of women.

If you're Hitchcock fan, I think you'll find 78/52 quite satisfying; even if it does fall a bit short of something new.

Puts The Hitchcock Classic Under the MicroscopeReviewed bygavin6942Vote: 7/10

An unprecedented look at the iconic shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" (1960), the "man behind the curtain", and the screen murder that profoundly changed the course of world cinema.

While it might seem like quite a feat to devote 90 minutes of coverage to a one-minute segment of a film, this documentary pulls it off. By exploring every possible angle -- the sounds, the editing, the casting -- we see just how much went into getting the notorious shower scene just right. Most interesting is how many clues are in the film leading up to this moment that may not be obvious, but were sprinkled there by Hitchcock with a knowing wink.

"78/52" is playing on July 20, 2017 at the Fantasia International Film Festival. In this golden age of documentaries, this film still stands out as the cream of the crop.

If only Bernard Herrmann could catch the composer in the shower...Reviewed bysklemowVote: 5/10

This is a mostly fascinating and entertaining documentary, especially for students and fans of Hitchcock, and the film Psycho in particular. It contains some surprising and novel analysis, and some cherished choices of interviewees (Marli Renfro, Danny Elfman, Illeana Douglas, Jamie Lee Curtis), amidst the familiar and somewhat stale contributions from Hitchcock sycophants like Peter Bodganovich and Eli Roth.

It's the sort of innovative documentary I would ordinarily enjoy rewatching time and again-were it not for the ghastly and ineffably inept inclusion of a relentless, grating, pseudo-Victorian string quartet that powders you with fleas from start to finish, while you're trying to listen to the insights of the otherwise dignified cast it is drowning out. It's the kind of misguided, sophomoric soundtrack that Bernard Herrmann would have furiously chucked right out the window, and I would have gladly helped him-especially if I could have thrown out Elijah Wood (?!?) along with it.

If I can ever find a copy with that sonic detritus removed, I'll watch it over and over. But someday I'd love to ask the producers of this otherwise brilliant effort what qualifications they thought Elijah Wood and Bret Easton Ellis had to offer to this subject-my only guess is that they were loafing around the studio hoping that someone would make them happen again...

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