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Audition (2000)

?dishon is a movie starring Ryo Ishibashi, Eihi Shiina, and Tetsu Sawaki. A widower takes an offer to screen girls at a special audition, arranged for him by a friend to find him a new wife. The one he fancies is not who she appears...

IMDB: 7.21 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Horror
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 982.20M
  • Resolution: 1280*800 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 115
  • IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 7 / 24

The Synopsis for Audition (2000) 720p

In Tokyo, Shigeharu Aoyama is a widower that grieves the loss of his wife and raises his son Shigehiko Aoyama alone. Seven years later, the teenage Shigehiko asks why his middle-aged father does not remarry and Shigeharu meets his friend Yasuhisa Yoshikawa, who is a film producer, and tells his intention. However, Shigeharu has difficulties to approach to available women to date and Yasuhisa decide to organize a sham audition for casting the lead actress for the fake movie. They receive several portfolios of candidates and Shigeharu becomes obsessed by the gorgeous Asami Yamazaki. Despite the advice of the experienced Yasuhisa, Shigeharu calls Asami to date and he falls for her. But who is the mysterious Asami?

The Director and Players for Audition (2000) 720p

[Director]Takashi Miike
[Role:]Tetsu Sawaki
[Role:]Ryo Ishibashi
[Role:]Jun Kunimura
[Role:]Eihi Shiina

The Reviews for Audition (2000) 720p

WOWReviewed byWriterDaveVote: 8/10

Well, we always knew the Japanese could do horror films with exceptional flair, but psychological horror hasn't been this exhilarating (and ultimately nauseating) since, well, since, I don't know when. Beware, this is not for the weak of heart, and don't be fooled by it's satiric comedic set-up. When the "audition" is through, you may want to throw up, or praise the film-makers for being so bold.

Waste of timeReviewed bykeenerbVote: 7/10

An hour and a half of mediocre story, followed by ten minutes of cookie-cutter ending.

There's virtually no identifiable character development, the plot struggles to rise above mediocrity. The acting greatly outclasses both the story and the directing, and is the only thing that keeps a movie that could (and should!) have been told in a 15 minute independent film from becoming tedious and unwatchable.

In the movie's defense, I can see how it might appeal to people who liked, perhaps, "Raye makhfi" or similar movies, but it certainly wasn't what I was expecting, especially after having read many rave reviews of this "horror movie."

Unfortunately, it tries to be too many things to too many people, and ultimately fails at them all.

Now that all the film's backers have commented--here is a real review.Reviewed bySVAHistoryVote: 1/10

Apparently, the makers of this piece of garbage conned all of their family and friends (and investors) to write favorable reviews because I cannot believe a single one of them was an objective viewer after watching this piece of trash. This schlock was well filmed in parts, had a lot of tension, and suspense in places, but there was NEVER any satisfying pay-off. The ending was so confusing and scatterbrained that even after two tortured (sorry) viewings I was hoping Lee Harvey Oswald was behind ME with a rifle to put me out of my misery. Generally i enjoy Japanese horror, but this was simply a waste of time and a loss of two hours that I will never see again. What a galactic disappointment. If this movie were for sale for 1 cent, I would have still felt ripped off. My ONLY consolation is that I did nit rent it myself, my poor friend did. He is the only person more angry than me.

Avoid at ALL costs.

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