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Barry (2016)

Barry is a movie starring Devon Terrell, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Jason Mitchell. A look into the early life of U.S. President Barack Obama.

IMDB: 5.82 Likes

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The Synopsis for Barry (2016) 720p

A look at the early life of Barack Obama. Before he became President of the United States, he was one of the few black students at Columbia University NY in the early 80's. Faced with judgmental and racist opinions all around him, he tries to find his place in the world.

The Director and Players for Barry (2016) 720p

[Director]Vikram Gandhi
[Role:]Anya Taylor-Joy
[Role:]Jason Mitchell
[Role:]Ellar Coltrane
[Role:]Devon Terrell

The Reviews for Barry (2016) 720p

A Biopic With No Point?Reviewed byrishonaVote: 5/10

I really was looking forward to watching this movie, and had the release date earmarked to see it. But after spending my early morning watching it, I was overall disappointed and realized that I could have waited.

So I'll start off with the good parts. Big props to Devvon Terrell on getting Barack's speech, mannerisms and attitude to a tee. He really could be a dead ringer for the younger version of the President; so casting did a fabulous job there. For her few moments in the film, Ashley Judd did a great job as Barack's mother. I enjoyed seeing a peek into their relationship and I wish it was fleshed out more. It was also interesting to see the film show Barack's fish out of water moments. Being bi-racial in 1980s New York, for sure he experienced a lot of them.

But the rest of the film fell flat. It just wasn't compelling at all. The trailers made it seem like you would be presented with key experiences from Barack's formative years; the things that help make him into the man we know today. The truth is you got very little of that. It was more of just a conflicted college kid trying to navigate the relationships with his on-campus peers and his (White) girlfriend and family. The script kept trying to bring in Barack's desire to have a relationship with his father, but it just felt random and out of place each time.

Overall this film wasn't a horrible waste of time. But it was far from being remarkable. I have yet to see "Southside With You", but I feel as if this was an ambitious effort that just fell short of the mark.

Obama in gritty early 80's Upper ManhattanReviewed byjjacobson-36637Vote: 7/10

I am appalled by the disgraceful politicization of Obama's time at Columbia expressed in the negative reviews here when Snopes offers a quick debunking of such ignorant slander.

On to the film. I enjoyed it quite a bit as it was a successful exploration of our 44th president's deep search for identify in an alienating and often violent NYC of the early eighties. The parallel relationships with his white girlfriend and fellow classmate from the Grant Houses in Harlem symbolically left him somewhere in the middle of a conflicted cultural and racial identity. The grit and vibrant culture showed through and seemed accurate to the period of great cultural and especially musical innovation, all against a back drop of graffiti and the litter-strewn vacant lots of Upper Manhattan.

The only character I would have appreciated more development from was his Pakistani roommate who seemed too much a drunk and drug-addled caricature.

Overall a very enjoyable film.

Lost in TranslationReviewed byakshay-ak-kumarVote: 5/10

Barry simply put is the early years of Barack Obama in New York and his struggles trying to fit himself among the people there. Simply put, it his the identity crises caused because of his mixed ethnicity.

Its a beautiful story on paper but in the hands of director Vikram Gandhi, this is a story lost in translation.

The movie starts of well as the young Barack moves into New York with a serious identity crisis. It is shown that he never as such connected with his Dad in Kenya, his years in Manila have changed him and he questions the things around him. He cannot mix with either the blacks or the whites. He has a nice sweet white girlfriend but due to the crisis inside him, he starts to move away from here. And he has loving mother beautifully played by Ashley Judd who tells him that all will be fine one day.

However, the writing is inconsistent and we are never ever able to understand or feel the chaos inside Obama. At some places the story is drifting and I was wondering what is happening. However, the ending saves the film from being a total washout.

Devon Terrell is a good actor and its too early for me to judge him through this film since the writing and directing are not upto the mark. He does put up a nice performance and I hope to see more of him soon.

The rest of the cast puts a commendable performance and the movie is worth a visit on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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