Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000) 1080p YIFY Movie

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000) 1080p

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is a video starring Will Friedle, Mark Hamill, and Kevin Conroy. The Joker is back with a vengeance, and Gotham's newest Dark Knight needs answers as he stands alone to face Gotham's most infamous...

IMDB: 7.83 Likes

  • Genre: Animation | Action
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.46G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 74
  • IMDB Rating: 7.8/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 4 / 8

The Synopsis for Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000) 1080p

While trying to uncover the Joker's secrets, Terry McGinnis, the new Batman, discovers the greatest mystery in the career of the original Batman - the true story of the night Batman fought the Joker for the last time. Though when Bruce Wayne is almost killed in one of the Joker's new attacks, it's up to Batman Beyond to avenge his mentor and put the Joker to rest forever.

The Director and Players for Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000) 1080p

[Director]Curt Geda
[Role:]Angie Harmon
[Role:]Mark Hamill
[Role:]Kevin Conroy
[Role:]Will Friedle

The Reviews for Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000) 1080p

This time the Joker is Wild!!!Reviewed byMathewdixon42Vote: 7/10

Nicholson was great. Ledger was legendary! What about the other one? The better one.

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker was the straight-to-DVD continuation of the Batman Beyond TV series. Bottom line, this should have been in theatres, it outshines most of the live action Batman films by a long shot.

Let's jump right in! You DO NOT have to be familiar with the series to enjoy this film, that works so well in its favor.

To the voice actors I will be talking about a few at first like usual, but Mark Hamill will be mentioned at the end.

Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne. This man has the most intimidating Batman voice of them all. I believe he is the only one who could truly disarm an opponent simply by talking. He is calm, stoic and terrifying. Will Friedle as Batman/Terry McGuinnis is passable. He is your average smart as teen character. He is voiced with honest effort and care.

The animation is very good for a DVD film. In some cases better than a lot of traditional animated features of the day. Now this comes at a time when CGI films were all the rage and these kind of films were overlooked. This films could beat out most of them with its dark futuristic style. It fits perfectly with the original Batman Animated Series as you would believe this really is the future of that city.

The story line is unique and unpredictable at every turn. There is not only some great action scenes, but some chance for the World's Greatest Detective to actually do some Detecting rather than beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands.

Okay now to the main two selling points for why this movie stands with even the greatest Batman films.

First: Arleen Sorkin's portrayal of Harley Quinn. This is a character that was created especially for the Animated Series and eventually was accepted into the comic world as she was so popular. And Sorkin's performance is a big part of why. She plays Harley with a genuine sense of fun, with a perfect mix of crazy. Although not in the film for very long, she leaves a lasting impact.

Second and most important: MARK HAMILL!!! This man is the greatest Joker of all time. Sorry Ledger fans. His voice is crazy, funny, over the top, whimsical and just plain awesome! He stands for everything the Joker ever was and everything he has become since. Hamill presents the perfect blend between Funny Clown and Disturbing Psychopath. The Jokers laugh, none of the others have come close. Hamill has said that he practiced this laugh in his car on the way to record. Anyone who saw him must have been terrified beyond reason. He has a laugh for every moment, and no two are the same. It is the consummate Joker laugh that all of those to come should look up to.

10/10. This films is excellent. Well animated. Characters are well written. The story is thrilling and unpredictable. The voice acting is perfectly enjoyable. Mark Hamill is legendary as the Joker as he has been in all of his appearances!

No one else can do The Killing Joke justice.

Loved it ever since I first saw it.Reviewed bytankaceVote: 8/10

Batman Beyond is an awesome idea to start with, for it answers a question that it had been in the minds of readers and fans of those series for years ,even decades: When Bruce gets old, what it will happen to Batman? For real, if you think about it, is a question with a lot of bread! The answer, Batman Beyond, which is a new man takes the mantel and continuous the tradition and Terry Mcginnis is my personal favorite alternate Batman ,for he is different of Bruce in many way ,but his values, sense of justice and determination are the same and those are the most needed ingredients in order to make Batman!

So this movie title said it all, THE RETURN OF THE *BEEPING* JOKER, what else you think it is about? In short the plot follows Terry as he now is facing the Clown Prince of Crime ,who is back and he must uncover 2 miseries. The first is what this maniac is up and second how is he back? We then get an awesome detective story in a futurist setting, think something like Minority Report of those who haven't seen this movie.

The animation is, even sixteen years after, amazing and as for the fight scenes ,bretty intense for a animated film, those guys, who made it, have real balls, because they don't think they make a children show ,rather that what they do ,and I agree with them ,is making the new mythology of our times! For real ,all of these heroes are our new mythological heroes, just like Hercules and Jason back in the classical age.

My favorite part is what Bruce says to Terry,when this Batman says that the suit gives meaning to his action. Mr. Wayne ,always a straight man when it comes to give answers, replies "It isn't the suit that gives meaning to your actions, it's the other way around" years after retiring you Bats are still awesome! But for real he is 100% right, for a legacy of an organization, a House (GoT), a company or in this case a title worth something only when the persons who have it at the moment do their best for it!

In short it is a must see for any Batman fan and if you have kids ,watch it with them!Also in the end has twist ending that it would put Shamalan in shame nowadays!

Batman for a new generation...Reviewed byCephyranVote: 7/10

A lot of the Batman cartoon versions are better than the live versions, and Return of the Joker is one of them. Set in the Batman Beyond universe (between twenty and thirty years later from when Bruce was in his prime), this movie introduces a young boy named Terry who is given the honor of becoming a Batman for a new generation. At the same time, the Joker, who was long thought dead, resurfaces and causes no end of trouble for our heroes.

I've also had the chance to watch a big chunk of the series, and it's always neat when a video release like this is a continuous piece of the series. The voice acting is well done, the story is compelling and dynamic, and the physical limitations of the real world are easily evaded with the animation medium. This makes Batman a lot more agile, swift, and sneaky then he ever could be in the movies. Anybody who's followed the show has probably seen this, but if you haven't, it's definitely worth a watch.

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