Big Miracle (2012) 1080p YIFY Movie

Big Miracle (2012) 1080p

Big Miracle is a movie starring Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski, and John Pingayak. In small-town Alaska, a news reporter recruits his ex-girlfriend - a Greenpeace volunteer - on a campaign to save a family of gray whales trapped by...

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The Synopsis for Big Miracle (2012) 1080p

October, 1988. Adam Carlson, a reporter for a local Anchorage television station, is currently in Barrow doing a series of pieces on the "local cultural color" of northern Alaska. While out on the sea ice filming a less than promising piece, he spots off in the distance what ends up being three California gray whales - a mother, father and son - who are literally imprisoned by ice which has surrounded them in the earlier than usual onset of winter. They are looking worse for wear as they have been ramming the ice surface to maintain a hole in the ice to be able to breathe and thus survive. The professional and cultural assessment he receives is that the whales, in their current situation, cannot survive for more than a few days, with the ice fives miles in distance to the open ocean with a vertical ice shelf that has developed midway. Adam's piece on the whales not only gets played on his station, but is picked up by news services throughout the States, including the national ...

The Director and Players for Big Miracle (2012) 1080p

[Director]Ken Kwapis
[Role:]Ahmaogak Sweeney
[Role:]John Pingayak
[Role:]Drew Barrymore
[Role:]John Krasinski

The Reviews for Big Miracle (2012) 1080p

good family filmReviewed bySnoopyStyleVote: 7/10

This is based on a true story of a family of whales stuck under the freezing ice in Alaska and what happens next. A local news reporter recruits his ex, a Greenpeace volunteer, to save the family of gray whales. Then the whole world started to notice and the world's media descends on them all.

Drew Barrymore is a bit too annoying as a Greenpeace activist. She's too shrill and needed to tone down her performance. John Krasinski is great as the everyman. Ted Danson relishes his role as an oil tycoon a little too much. He may have been miscasted. Kristen Bell is good as the ambitious reporter.

First handicapped dolphins, now trapped whales, what's next autistic sharks?Reviewed byestreet-evaVote: 5/10

"Big Miracle" like its contemporary film "The Grey" demonstrate that coming up with a compelling movie title is not so easy Mr. Smartypants. The title won't be putting any butts in seats but fairly good pacing and a compelling storyline tends to keep them there. Unlike "Free Willy" the three whales trapped in Alaskan ice only modestly get to know the movie goers, instead the film focuses more on the humans, their conflicting motivations and their increasingly irrational efforts at freeing these three particular grey whales. Drew Barrymore plays the shrill, scolding, Greenpeace activist at the center of a vortex that pulled in the Reagan Whitehouse, the media and even the Ruskies. Credit Barrymore for playing a, if not racist, then at least colonialist harpy with credible unattractiveness. She's not Charlize Theron in "Monster" but she plays an unpleasant character with veracity. John Krasinski plays John Krasinski, Ted Danson plays an oil executive with a heart of gold, and for some reason no one plays Ronald Reagan - we just see the back of his suit (an effect that just comes off as amateurish). Otherwise Ken Kwapis' production impresses with broad shots of the white wastelands of Northern Alaska and pretty snazzy animatronic whales. Kwapis also learned the lessons of "Whiteout" and allows his actors to walk around with exposed faces (in reality at 50 degrees below any body parts not covered would quickly fall off). On the downside, the script offers few memorable lines (an Alaskan native Mexican restaurant waitress is asked if she is Mexican and she responds "only at work" - that's about it), the characters' unwavering intent at saving these stupid whales feels smaltzy and what Adam sees in Rachel is never made clear. In short, older kids will enjoy it but a little too complicate for the younger set.

Strange AlliancesReviewed bysddavis63Vote: 8/10

It's amazing how much good can be accomplished when a group of largely self-interested people whose primary interest is self-promotion come together for a common cause. In a way, that's really the "big miracle" of this movie. The story revolves around a family of grey whales who are trapped by thick ice in Alaska and have no way to get to the open ocean. With temperatures plummeting, the only breathing hole they have is rapidly freezing over and the whales are in danger of drowning. When a local reporter makes the situation known to the outside world, saving the whales becomes a cause celebre, and brings together a very diverse group of people.

Into the mix steps a Greenpeace organizer (Drew Barrymore) - undoubtedly committed to the whales, but also aware that the issue will get a lot of good publicity for the organization, an oil executive (Ted Danson) who wants permission to drill in a wildlife reserve and figures that saving the whales will get him a lot of good publicity, the native community of Barrow, Alaska, who would really prefer to kill the whales for food, various townsfolk who use the situation to their advantage and make lots of money with ridiculously jacked up prices as outsiders fill the town, politicians (including the Governor of Alaska and President Reagan) who know there's votes in the issue, various reporters who know there's ratings in the issue, a couple of guys from Minnesota who seize the opportunity to make their new de-icing machine known and even a Soviet ice breaker called in to help who take the opportunity to soften American attitudes toward their country.

The whales (nicknamed Fred, Wilma and Bam-Bam) become the backdrop for the story of uneasy co-operation taking place around them, but they are the real lure for the viewer, even if the most interesting part of the movie is the strange alliances being formed. There's no doubt that the viewer gets drawn into the whales' plight and you root for them all the way through.

This is based on a true story that occurred in 1988. Like most "based on a true story" movies, this one takes license with the actual events. The ending of the movie is happier than what happened in real life, which is actually a mystery, as no one knows whether the two adult whales escaped after the baby died. What I really appreciated about this was that it was a marvellous family movie - enough "meat" to keep adults interested all the way through, and an animal story that will appeal to the kids and really very little anywhere that you wouldn't want your kids to watch. I thought it was very well done, and deserving of a much higher rating than it currently has, which is 5.9. (8/10)

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