Food Choices (2016) 1080p YIFY Movie

Food Choices (2016) 1080p

Food Choices is a movie starring Pam Popper, T. Colin Campbell, and Joe Cross. This documentary follows filmmaker Michal Siewierski as he explores the impact that food choice has on people's health, the health of our planet and on...

IMDB: 7.41 Likes

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The Synopsis for Food Choices (2016) 1080p

This documentary follows filmmaker Michal Siewierski as he explores the impact that food choice has on people's health, the health of our planet and on the lives of other species sharing our world. It looks at many misconceptions about food and diet, offering a new view on these issues. The film interviews world-renowned experts, including Dr. T Colin Campbell, Dr. Richard Oppenlander, Rich Roll, Joe Cross, Dr. John McDougall, Capitan Paul Watson, Dr. Toni Bark, Dr. Pam Popper, Dr. Michael Greger, Gloria Athanis, and several others. You will never look at your plate in the same way again.

The Director and Players for Food Choices (2016) 1080p

[Director]Michal Siewierski
[Role:]Joe Cross
[Role:]T. Colin Campbell
[Role:]Ashlee Piper
[Role:]Pam Popper

The Reviews for Food Choices (2016) 1080p

Important message that is missing the purpose, it is just giving vegan what they want to hear.Reviewed byj_coVote: 4/10

I'm very pro the message of this movie, and the information provided is important, but the problem is that this movie doesn't say anything new, it doesn't tackle any of the hard questions, it is just another movie for people wanting confirmation they are doing the right thing (Confirmation Bias), that they are healthy and compassionate and all of those wonderful words.

This movie won't inform or convince anyone that isn't already vegan or close to it, it is a good movie for a vegans wanting to feel better about themselves.

The movie is also not compelling, it doesn't tell a story or provokes any emotion, it just feels like a conversion movie, not a documentary.

Must-watch!Reviewed bymafaldasofiamartinsVote: 7/10

A must-watch documentary for everybody! It exposes the truth of what industry and large companies wants the consumers to believe. This documentary makes you think about the choices you make with scientific proofs of what is told. It covers all the aspects of going vegan and why to do so - from healthy issues to the way animal are killed in food industry. Everybody should see it, even if you aren't thinking about going vegan - at least you get educated on this topic and can make more conscious choices.

Pseudoscience bunk presented as factReviewed bywwarbyVote: 1/10

Food Choices is a relentlessly biased opinion piece about the benefits of veganism, presented with all the appearance of a well researched and scientifically valid exploration of the facts whilst actually comprising almost entirely of cherry picked research presented by a parade of disingenuous quacks.

Pay close attention to the credentials of the speakers as they are presented on screen and Google them. Note the total absence of professional scientific researchers and the abundance of "nutrition experts", "wellness advocates" and "alternative" therapy practitioners. You will find the speakers are a whose-who of self-serving peddlers of anti-science nonsense who promote their harmful ideas in faddy diet books.

Using techniques that are intellectually indistinguishable from those of climate change deniers and 9/11 truthers, the filmmakers present a counter- narrative to conventional wisdom on diet and seamlessly weave together unsubstantiated theory with real but cherry picked scientific research. The effect is compelling, especially if the pre-determined conclusion of the study is already appealing to the viewer.

Veganism may indeed be a perfectly valid and healthy lifestyle choice and some of the information presented in this film may well be true - I don't know and I don't believe there is anywhere near the level of scientific consensus on the matter as there is on climate change for example. My point is not that the conclusions of the filmmakers are necessarily wrong, it is that they weren't seeking to discover the truth in the first place but rather to provide a rationalisation for a pre-established point of view. This is documentary filmmaking at it's worst.

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