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Get Hard (2015)

When millionaire James King is jailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go behind bars.

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The Synopsis for Get Hard (2015) 720p

When millionaire James King is jailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go behind bars.

The Director and Players for Get Hard (2015) 720p

[Director]Etan Cohen
[Role:Alissa]Alison Brie
[Role:Darnell]Kevin Hart
[Role:James]Will Ferrell

The Reviews for Get Hard (2015) 720p

Get Hard is a rock solid blue comedyReviewed byprincemiloVote: 9/10

If you're offended by pasty white asses, full frontal male nudity and ridiculous vulgarity, do not bother with Get Hard, the funniest film I've seen in a while. This film declares its intent in the title and its opening frame, right after James King (played to perfection in a vehicle designed for Will Ferrell) cries his eyes out ? more about that in a moment. Will Ferrell is a divisive figure. There are people who find him hysterical (I am unabashedly in that camp) and those who just don't see what's so funny. Again, if you're in the latter camp, don't try this film to figure it out. It's unapologetic Will being Will from reel to reel. Life is perfect for white man James King. He's a one percenter and about to become elite amongst even that slim group with his latest promotion to partner in his soon to be father in law's (Craig T. Nelson) investment firm. His fiancee, Alissa (Alison Brie) declares that he needs to have everything, including her body in every white way possible. He has no idea of the meaning of the silver spoon lodged in his mouth, espousing ridiculous platitudes about the value of hard work in front of all of those "beneath" him. On the flip side is Darnell (Kevin Hart). He's short, black and broke. He has a lovely wife and an adorable young daughter, who unfortunately goes to a very dangerous elementary school in South Central L.A. because Darnell can't afford the down payment on a house in a better area. It is this heart that makes Darnell immediately likable and grounds James' antics. Darnell owns a mobile car wash for executives inside of James' building. His need of James' money is obvious ? and hilariously rebuffed. When things quickly go south for James and he needs something from Darnell, the backlash is equally hilarious. The odd couple setup is obvious and extremely well played, proving, once again, it's more important to execute than try too hard to be original. And, for the record, I'm also in the camp that everything is derivative (see "everything's a remix" for more), so when it comes to where to place one's effort, it should be in For a moment, I saw shades of an excellent comedy from about thirty years ago, Trading Places. Get Hard goes an entirely different direction and it's not nearly in the same class as Trading Place. But for front line, punch you in the face, over-the-top comedy Get Hard delivers the goods. There are few taboos the film won't touch ? racism, homophobia, class-ism to name a few. Comedy has the ability to skewer, shed light upon and potentially even heal some of these ills. No, I'm not saying this film is on par with Dr. King's "I have a dream" speech, but, for the type of comedy it is, I was impressed by how well it plays the white/black divide angle with more nuance, intrigue and, dare I say it, poignancy than I've seen in a while. Homophobia gets a strong and positive tweaking, too, in Darnell's developing friendship with a gay man after a howlingly funny training scene at a local gay hot spot. For how homosexuality is often viewed in large parts of the popular black culture, it was a big deal to see Darnell having a legitimate, caring friendship on the screen. But enough attempts at convincing. It's a silly, low-brow, rude comedy by design. To complain about it for being such is like being mad at crocodile for biting. They don't hide their teeth ? and neither does Get Hard.

Has many very enjoyable laughs in it !Reviewed byreece-com-auVote: 9/10

"Get Hard" has the perfect combination of humor, drama and action in it to make it impossible NOT to laugh. I've gone to Event Cinemas twice to see this, laughed as much as the first time. (And that's saying something !) I love movies such as this, crude humor and oddly satisfying to see a man almost suck a dick in a bathroom. I'm not going to go on and on about this movie, but it is definitely worth a watch. Guaranteed laughter. :D The story line is quite simple, James (Will Ferrell) gets framed for stealing money, and is sentenced to prison time. The person who washes his car Darnell (Kevin Hart) is hired to teach him how to "Get Hard" to survive in prison.

A Great Comedy with VulnerabilityReviewed byA-L-OursonVote: 9/10

I went into this film thinking that it would be just a dumb comedy, which I happen to love; however, the film exceeded my expectations. It does have funny stupid humor, but there is also an unexpected vulnerability in the two main characters. Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart both portray good guys that are in bad situations. Kevin Hart's character, Darnell, has his own business, but bad credit and lack of savings keeps him and his family living in a rough area. Will Ferrell's character, James, has it all--beautiful fiancee, tons of money, lovely house. Sadly, James is framed for embezzlement and is sentenced to 10 years in a maximum security prison. Darnell, for a price, becomes James' tutor for prison life and hilarity ensues. Even more than hilarity, James and Darnell start to genuinely care for each other. Their bromance is one for the books. The two actors have great chemistry and an awesome height difference. I would totally watch another movie with these two, especially if Will Ferrell does Capoeira again. I also give points for originality. I have seen a ton of movies in my life, but none were someone gets tutored for prison. Plus, the tutorial is so elaborate and well planned. Based on chemistry, comedy, creativity, and Capoeira, I definitely recommend this film!

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