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Glitter (2001)

Glitter is a movie starring Mariah Carey, Eric Benét, and Max Beesley. A young singer dates a disc jockey who helps her get into the music business, but their relationship become complicated as she ascends to super stardom.

IMDB: 2.21 Likes

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  • IMDB Rating: 2.2/10 
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The Synopsis for Glitter (2001) 720p

Billie Frank is a shy, young multiracial girl who is sent away by her alcoholic mother at a very early age. At an orphanage, she befriends Louise and Roxanne. Flash forward to 1983. Billie and her friends are spotted by a record producer, Timothy Walker, who wants them to sing backup for his latest pop-music discovery. But when super DJ Julian Dice hears Billie's incredible voice, he makes a shady deal with Timothy to get her out of that dead-end situation. Soon, Billie and Dice are making hits inside the studio, and falling in love outside of it. Eventually, the pressure of her newfound celebrity puts too heavy a strain on Billie, forcing her to decide what it is she really wants from Dice, and what she wants for herself.

The Director and Players for Glitter (2001) 720p

[Director]Vondie Curtis-Hall
[Role:]Da Brat
[Role:]Max Beesley
[Role:]Eric Benét
[Role:]Mariah Carey

The Reviews for Glitter (2001) 720p

Not As Bad As All ThatReviewed byLeonard KniffelVote: 3/10

Essentially a makeover of "A Star Is Born," this star vehicle for vocally gifted Mariah Carey is one most panned films of the 21st century. For 13 years I avoided it for that reason, but when I finally watched it, I was surprised to find myself in the very small camp that found the movie entertaining, although certainly not wonderful. The script is rather dull, and it keeps interfering with the songs. I found myself saying out loud to the director, "Will you let her finish a song before you cut to more insipid dialog!" There is some really nice music going on during the movie–-not just Carey, but Stevie Wonder and Luther Vandross and others thrown in for good measure. And Terrence Howard steals every scene he is in as the villain.

Singing And Acting Don't Mix.Reviewed byedrpzVote: 7/10

What do you get when you take a over hyped singer and put her in a movie? You get Glitter. This is an example of why most singer should stay singers. Acting is not something that Mariah Carey should have not let an agent talk her into. This was suppose to be a romance movie, but if I had been the guy that she was after, I would have stepped in front of a speeding truck just to get out of this travesty of a film. The only good thing about this move are the credits at the end. That way you know that you reache the end of such a bad movie.

Worse than you've heardReviewed by[email protected]Vote: 1/10

I don't know how many of you have ACTUALLY seen this movie but I recently rented it out of morbid curiousty and a sadistic love of BAD cinema (and of course making fun of it)... and I did give it an honest chance. I really did, and no less than 3 minutes into the movie I was convinced it was going to be a bomb... there's too much to complain about here, from the faux artistic shots and film techniques meant to give the film some false "class", to the insane gaping void of chemistry between the main lovebirds, to the comic relief that is not funny and is unnecesary since there was no drama or romance, to the numerous long, long shots of things that either didn't matter or didn't need to be shown for the 700th time... I kid you not this is a really awful movie... only the most inept movie fan or an insanely die hard Mariah Carey fan could ignore the gaping holes in plot, directions, style, and acting that Glitter presents. However if you enjoy watching movies and going all MST3K on them, then by all means rip on this one. It deserves all the insults you can muster.

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