It's Pat (1994) 1080p YIFY Movie

It's Pat (1994) 1080p

It's Pat: The Movie is a movie starring Julia Sweeney, Dave Foley, and Charles Rocket. The comedic misadventures of a person of indeterminate gender.

IMDB: 2.60 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy |
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.48G
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 74
  • IMDB Rating: 2.6/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 2 / 1

The Synopsis for It's Pat (1994) 1080p

Pat Riley, an obnoxious busybody of undeterminable sex, meets and falls in love with Chris, a sensitive, caring person also of undeterminable sex. Their relationship suffers because Pat's a lout, and cannot decide on a direction for its life. Meanwhile, Pat's neighbor Kyle falls further and further into obsession with Pat, fascinated by its indeterminate sexuality.

The Director and Players for It's Pat (1994) 1080p

[Director]Adam Bernstein
[Role:]Julia Sweeney
[Role:]Charles Rocket
[Role:]Dave Foley
[Role:]Kathy Griffin

The Reviews for It's Pat (1994) 1080p

It's really bad.....really really badReviewed bymovieman-124Vote: 1/10

Do yourself a favor by not watching this awful movie. In my lifetime, I don't think there will be a movie as bad as this one. It has got to be the most unfunny, retarded movie ever made. It's that stupid snl skit that was not funny, but not they go and extend the time???? Can you imagine if they made a movie about the spartan cheerleader? Please don't watch any snl movies, so they get the message and stop making stupid movies.

The worst movie everReviewed byrobertseegeVote: 1/10

I've seen a lot of movies, many good and many bad ones. But trust me on this; this is by far the worst. There is nothing positive I can mention about this movie. Why? Well I'll tell you why; The script is something that should have been thrown in trash, the acting is awful, the jokes are not even a bit funny and the characters are utterly annoying. I would understand if this movie would be a film for kids but with all of the "undeterminable sex" stuff, it's clearly not just for kids. A certain Quentin Tarantino helped out with the script(according to the trivia) and he will be relieved that he chose to be uncredited. It's hard for me to even imagine what types of idiots would do a movie like this or even worse find it funny. This is as I mentioned earlier the worst movie I've ever watched and therefore I can't recommend it to anyone. In my opinion this should occupy the no. 1 spot in the bottom 100. It's so bad that if you for instance showed it to some monkeys at a zoo, even they would understand how bad this movie actually is and would destroy the TV set after the first five minutes.

Better than most people sayReviewed byCobra-10Vote: 9/10

Pat was the SNL sketch that turned me into an avid SNL watcher since 1991. I've also been an avid Ween fan since 1993 (most people I asked never heard of Ween), but I didn't even know that Ween was in this movie until I saw it the first time. I practically had an orgasm! Not only is this an SNL move based on one of my favorite skits, but it features a special guest appearance by one of my favorite bands. I wish that the movie had been advertised more when it came out so I could have seen it in the theater. Sure, it won't win an oscar, but then again I would honestly much rather sit through this movie twice than sit through "Titanic" once. You have to be my type of person to like this movie; a person who likes rampant silliness, sight gags, repetitive jokes, and general inanity, the kind of stuff that you'd see on Kids In The Hall, SNL, Strangers With Candy, etc. And since I love Kids In The Hall, the appearance of David Foley in "It's Pat" is a bonus.

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