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Keep Your Distance (2005)

Keep Your Distance is a movie starring Gil Bellows, Jennifer Westfeldt, and Christian Kane. In the perfectly normal town of Louisville, KY, there is a perfectly normal man living the perfect life. David Dailey is a man who has it...

IMDB: 5.41 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Mystery
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 94
  • IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 
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The Synopsis for Keep Your Distance (2005) 720p

In the perfectly normal town of Louisville, KY, there is a perfectly normal man living the perfect life. David Dailey is a man who has it all: A great career, a community that adores him, and an enduring marriage. But beneath the surface, David's idyllic world is crumbling. He's haunted by a series of mysterious notes that warn of an imminent fall from grace. His sultry wife Susan is hell-bent on expanding the horizons of their sex life - with or without him. His longtime assistant Whit is gunning for his job. And he finds himself increasingly attracted to Melody Carpenter, a curious stranger he instinctively trusts because she doesn't know him well enough to betray him. Complicating matters, Melody's jilted boyfriend Sean, a charming and talented trust fund baby, regards David and Melody's fledgling friendship with contempt. As his jealousy seethes deeper, he concocts a devious plan to win her back, unaware his overly protective father has ordered his number one ally to keep an eye ...

The Director and Players for Keep Your Distance (2005) 720p

[Director]Stu Pollard
[Role:]Gil Bellows
[Role:]Jennifer Westfeldt
[Role:]Christian Kane
[Role:]Kim Raver

The Reviews for Keep Your Distance (2005) 720p

Great Movie, I want to see it again and again.Reviewed bybrian-1013Vote: 9/10

The movies plot is easy to follow and entertaining. The dialogue between characters is excellent, and at times witty but never boring. The whole movie is a great shot of Louisville, KY. What a great place to shoot a film. I will be going back to see this movie again and again. It is definitely one for your collection. I loved the fact that there are so many different things going on in the movie at one time, and each is a story in istelf. I especially enjoyed the performance of Jennifer Westfeldt. Although Gil Bellows, and Kim Raver are more well known actors, Jennifer blows everyone in this film out of the water. Perhaps her ability to act comes from her background as a film maker as well as an actor. Either way Westfeldt is definitely the star of this film.

Terrific Indy Comedy/Romance/ThrillerReviewed bycarter_yertzVote: 8/10

I was fortunate to catch this at a sneak preview in Los Angeles and was very nicely surprised. Pollard has created a sure-footed send-up of modern romance and what happens when devotion goes over the edge. Camera-work and settings around Kentucky were beautiful, creating a different spin from the constant romance-in-a-big-town-between-overeducated-professionals genre we all know too well.

Story splits its time between David (Gil Bellows of "Ally McBeal" & "Shawshank Redemption"), a popular (and married) local radio talk-show host and Melody (Jennifer Westfeldt of "Kissing Jessica Stein"), an attractive pharmaceutical saleswoman traveling through town to see her boyfriend, Sean (Christian Kane, "Angel" & "Friday Night Lights"). David meets Melody by chance after she humiliates Sean by turning down his very public marriage proposal. As a friendship develops between the two, we learn than Sean's not going to give up so easily on Melody and that David's perfect life as upstanding pillar of the community may not be what it seems...

Pollard deftly moves between romance, satire and unfolding mystery without ever letting his story run low on gas. The storyline is tight and the dialog is witty, funny and crisp. Realistic characters have to work around their warts, which creates a very funny commentary on marriage, dating and romantic obsession. Jennifer Westfeldt is particularly good at making a lot out of her neurotic beauty Melody, and she does look good here. Very nice use of multiple subplots and supporting characters (including "Mike Hammer" Stacy Keach and Elizabeth Pena of "Jacob's Ladder"). The story will keep you guessing until the last shot.

Good solid entertainment- keep an eye out for director Pollard in the future. 8/10

will have you guessing until the very last frameReviewed byRiffeThisVote: 8/10

Was very impressed with this indie film that looked and felt like such a "big budget" effort. Gil Bellows is fabulous as the lead. He plays a man with a charmed life whose world gets rocked by an anonymous interloper. The veneer cracks for several of the leading characters, who seem to lead charmed lives as well. The beautiful socialite wife. The trust fund baby and his powerful father. The plot is clever. A mystery meticulously crafted to keep you engaged to the end. Loved the music, too. Bravo to Stu Pollard's second big film effort. I liked "Nice Guys Sleep Alone" but "Keep Your Distance" catapults Pollard into a different league for film-making.

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