Key Largo (1948) 1080p YIFY Movie

Key Largo (1948) 1080p

Key Largo is a movie starring Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, and Lauren Bacall. A man visits his old friend's hotel and finds a gangster running things. As a hurricane approaches, the two end up confronting each other.

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The Synopsis for Key Largo (1948) 1080p

Frank McCloud travels to a run-down hotel on Key Largo to honor the memory of a friend who died bravely in his unit during WW II. His friend's widow, Nora Temple, and wheelchair bound father, James Temple manage the hotel and receive him warmly, but the three of them soon find themselves virtual prisoners when the hotel is taken over by a mob of gangsters led by Johnny Rocco who hole up there to await the passing of a hurricane. Mr. Temple strongly reviles Rocco but due to his infirmities can only confront him verbally. Having become disillusioned by the violence of war, Frank is reluctant to act, but Rocco's demeaning treatment of his alcoholic moll, Gaye Dawn, and his complicity in the deaths of the Osceola Brothers and a deputy sheriff start to motivate McCloud to overcome his Hamlet-like inaction.

The Director and Players for Key Largo (1948) 1080p

[Role:]Lauren Bacall
[Role:]Edward G. Robinson
[Role:]Lionel Barrymore
[Role:Director]John Huston
[Role:]Humphrey Bogart

The Reviews for Key Largo (1948) 1080p

Classic Film Noir Directed By John Huston With Bogey and BacallReviewed byHarryLagsVote: 9/10

What can be said that already hasn't been said about this movie? Each time you watch it, the more you notice how great a film it is.

One of Bogart's best matched up against gangster Edward G. Robinson. Great story that holds up over all this time. One of Bogart's best and the rest of the cast is nothing to sneeze at. In this Huston movie, you can feel the humidity and air pressure changes as the plot unfolds - the swampy feel of Florida during a storm., the tension of the situation.

One of the all time Great Film Noir 1940s flicks! Edward G.Robinson is brilliant as Gangster Johnnhy Rocco,Claire Trevor Best Supporting actress! Bogie and Bacall just make this a GREAT ONE!

Conclusion - Superb John Huston film!

Post World War II pessimism !!!Reviewed byavik-basu1889Vote: 8/10

John Huston's 'Key Largo' is set in a Post World War II America and the film is unapologetic about showcasing the pessimism that had enveloped America and Americans after the war. It's about the loss of a self-respecting identity. This is epitomised by the character of Frank McCloud played by Humphrey Bogart. This is not a very characteristic role for Bogart. McCloud is a war veteran who has now become a homeless drifter due to his lack of interest in a settled life. He is a sane version of Travis Bickle, he might have been a vibrant, hopeful man in his pre-service days, but after coming back from the war and watching an America that has further collapsed into corruption, mob activity and evil, he has slipped into a state of depression and deliberate indifference. Bogart gives a subdued performance with moments of tenderness reminiscent of the tenderness of Rick Blaine in 'Casablanca'. But McCloud also shows signs of selfishness and cowardly reluctance which are a consequence of his pessimism towards life after war. There is an ambiguity to his character that makes him interesting.

Lauren Bacall doesn't give us the quintessential 'Lauren Bacall' performance either. Instead of being the 'Femme fatale' with the seductive allure and the sharp tongue, her character Nora is a sweet, kind-hearted widow taking care of her father-in-law. There are genuinely sweet and charming moments between Bogart and Bacall. Nora's presence and her innocent sweetness has an undeniable effect on McCloud which makes him reconsider his moral stance and contemplate the idea doing something instead of continuing his reluctance about standing up to the gangsters.

Edward G. Robinson is a dynamite in every scene he is in. Johnny Rocco oozes charisma and a sense of control. It takes a lot to be in the same scene with Bogart and go toe to toe with him in terms of exuding authoritativeness, but Robinson does it effortlessly.

Although Huston doesn't use too many attention seeking shots or too much fancy camera work, one can easily see the noir-ish elements in the lighting and prominent shadows in the film. There are some carefully used tracking shots and extreme close-ups for artistic purposes that work perfectly and the film on Blu-Ray looks very pleasing to the eye. Huston's biggest achievement is maintaining a tone of suspense throughout the running time. The staging of 90 percent of the film in the confines of the interiors of Hotel Largo adds to the claustrophobia which the viewer feels along with McCloud, Nora and Temple. The only flaw is that the shootout scenes are very clumsily directed and almost look comical now after all these years.

'Key Largo' is thematically a film which wrestles the idea of whether someone should or shouldn't give a damn even if he/she feels an assertive action doesn't mean much in the bigger picture. A thematically potent core along with good direction and acting make 'Key Largo' an easy recommendation.

Good dramaReviewed bypreppy-3Vote: 8/10

Key Largo is a remote island off the coast of Florida. It's connected to the mainland by a concrete causeway. Frank McCloud (Humphrey Bogart) goes there to visit the father of a dead army buddy. He meets him (Lionel Barrymore) and his buddies widow (Lauren Bacall). He also discovers criminal Johnny Rocco (Edward G. Robinson) is holed up there with his gang and alcoholic girlfriend (Claire Trevor). A hurricane hits and they're all stranded on the island together...and Johnny and his gang have guns and nasty tempers...

Bogart and Bacall's last movie together and a good one too. This was based on a play and it sometimes shows. Characters tend to give long speeches explaining who they are and their motivations. Still it's well-written and acted and beautifully directed by John Huston. When the hurricane hits the special effects are actually pretty good with cool sound effects too.

The acting is (with one exception) good. Bogart seemed incapable of giving a bad performance and he's just great here. Robinson doesn't show up until nearly 30 minutes in--but you always know he's there. He's OK but I think he played the gangster role once too often. Barrymore is given little to do but he is good. Trevor is superb in her small role--she understandably won a Best Supporting Actress award for this. Surprisingly Bacall is terrible! She's stone faced throughout and gives a bad performance. Maybe she didn't click with the director (Huston was not known for his tact and tended to be a screamer).

Still it's a good solid drama--worth catching. I give it an 8.

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