Kids in America (2005) 1080p YIFY Movie

Kids in America (2005) 1080p

Kids in America is a movie starring Gregory Smith, Julie Bowen, and Malik Yoba. A diverse group of high school students band together to peacefully stick it to their overbearing principal.

IMDB: 5.90 Likes

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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 91
  • IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 
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The Synopsis for Kids in America (2005) 1080p

A diverse group of high school students band together to peacefully stick it to their overbearing principal.

The Director and Players for Kids in America (2005) 1080p

[Director]Josh Stolberg
[Role:]Gregory Smith
[Role:]Julie Bowen
[Role:]Stephanie Sherrin
[Role:]Malik Yoba

The Reviews for Kids in America (2005) 1080p

use condoms, have safe sexReviewed bySparrowmaniacVote: 6/10

that was probably the entire way this movie is depicted. have safe sex. supposedly high schools in America don't allow sex education, so kids are getting laid, girls getting pregnant. that is why a group of school kids take it their responsibility to undo the wrongs. they protest against their principal regarding the abuse of the school funds to scrap sex education to build their football field. i most definitely didn't want to see an educational movie when i watched this one. i was hoping something along the likes of American pie. but it turned out to some sort of a funny documentary actually. pretty dumb too, no real laugh, that you will recall. so a real waste if u ask me. at the end credits, the scene showing Gregory smith and Stephanie sherrin symbolizing KIA topping American charts, well dunno i didn't see that in IMDb. really people don't go by the poster. it doesn't suggest anything regarding the movie. its a total waste of cash. and with all the chicks in the movie, there wasn't any fun at all.. its just too bad too too bad.

An outstanding, realistic portrayal of what high school is, and what it should be.Reviewed byMichaelJKrueger2001Vote: 10/10

An outstanding film which I recommend to any open-minded, person who values their Constitutional rights, and is in the mood for a good movie.

This film is based on real events, and is wonderful in every aspect. The acting is outstanding, the writing is extraordinary, and it is undoubtedly one of the BEST films that I have ever seen and will ever see.

This masterpiece is about a REALISTIC high school, where the students have about as many rights as they do in any real high school, which aren't too many. They're forbidden to express any negativity towards the school policies, and are expelled for following their own path in life.

The main character Holden Donovan (Gregory Smith) plays a student who was expelled from school due to an artistic monologue which questioned the principal's finesse in handling such delicate issues as sex ed., and poetry with a negative view towards the school.

Holden brings together his group of friends in an attempt to revolt against the principal's overbearing policies. He is encouraged by his AV teacher Will Drucker (Malik Yoba) who feels that the students have a right to defend their beliefs.

This film is NOT a film with a liberal agenda in the least. It encourages teens to stand up for what's right, and I feel that referring to this film as anti-Bush is an insult to the Republican party. Last time I checked my history book BOTH th Republicans and the Democrats agreed on free speech. This film shows how teens have few, if any rights in the real world, and shows that they should not sit for it.

This film steps out of the normal mold of teen comedies, in which naked women run around having sex for no apparent reason. It is unique in the aspect that this film is inspirational, and EXTREMELY enjoyable. I think that Josh Stolberg, Andrew Shaifer, and everyone involved in this film did an Unbelievable job. I would give this movie a 10/10.

Austin Movie Show review...Reviewed byleilapostgradVote: 1/10

I never thought I'd ever see a movie worse than Johnson Family Vacation. But I now have. Congratulations to the cast and crew of Kids In America, you have officially surpassed all others and are now officially the WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! This is bad on an entirely new level never before achieved in the history of cinema.

It's more than just bad actors reciting pathetic dialog in the worst script ever written. It's the entire package. Every character is a completely distasteful and bad stereotype of a high school student. The gay guy is a George-Michael-worshiping buffoon, the Black girl wears an afro-wig and talks about "sista Maya" and "brother Malcolm," the Asian girl asks a cop if he wants a spring roll or some "sucky-sucky." And those are just the supporting cast! The main girl is the stereotypical socially conscious child-of-a-hippy, and the main boy, who's name is Holden, is supposed to be the brooding, brilliant, rebellious Holden Caulfield stereotype. All these characters are so surface, plastic, and formulaic that I question how not one person told the writer that this was a worthless piece of crap. And Nicole Ritchie as a cheerleader?!?! Come on! She's a worse actress than me! The biggest mystery is how they actually cast some of the adult characters. Not only did Elizabeth Perkins jeopardize her career by showing her face in this movie, but so did George Wendt who played Norm in Cheers. He ever kisses another man in what is easily the worst scene ever shot in a movie.

Oh it's bad, really, really, really bad. The only slightly creative aspect of Kids In America is during the end credits when we see quick interviews with actual high school kids who were expelled or suspended from school because of their clothes or poetry or sexuality. That was quasi-interesting.

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