Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) 1080p YIFY Movie

Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) 1080p

Kind Hearts and Coronets is a movie starring Dennis Price, Alec Guinness, and Valerie Hobson. A distant poor relative of the Duke of D'Ascoyne plots to inherit the title by murdering the eight other heirs who stand ahead of him in...

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The Synopsis for Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) 1080p

In prison awaiting execution the next morning Louis, the 10th Duke of Chalfont, sets down on paper the events that led him to his current situation. His mother has been banished from her family, the D'Ascoynes, after she married Louis' father who was considered far beneath her. After her death, the D'Ascoynes refused permission for her to be buried in the family crypt. Louis then plots his revenge - and kills all those ahead of him in the succession until he becomes the Duke. Along the way, he becomes involved with the married Sibelia who, when spurned, makes sure he ends up in prison. The day before his execution Sibelia recants her testimony saving him not only from the gallows but also sets him free. Once outside the prison however, he realizes he's forgotten one little thing........

The Director and Players for Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) 1080p

[Director]Robert Hamer
[Role:]Dennis Price
[Role:]Valerie Hobson
[Role:]Alec Guinness
[Role:]Joan Greenwood

The Reviews for Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) 1080p

Ealing black comedyReviewed byfaraaj-1Vote: 9/10

Immediately after WW2, Ealing Studios produced a number of black comedies, several starring Alec Guiness who was just starting to be noticed as an actor. One of the last in the series, The Ladykillers, was foolishly remade by the Coen Brothers (starring Tom Hanks) and it stank. The original films had a dark humor, moral ambiguity, ingenious plots and great dialog. The best in the series was Kind Hearts and Coronets - made almost at the start of the cycle.

The stars are Dennis Price as Mazzini Jr. whose deceased mother was a member of the D'Ascoyne film before being disowned for marrying an Italian opera singer. Alec Guiness plays the eight surviving D'Ascoyne's (including Lady Agatha D'Ascoyne) whose deaths could lead Mazzini to becoming Duke of Chalfont castle. Kind Hearts is a wonderfully black comedy about how Mazzini disposes of his relatives one by one in order to avenge his mother and become rich in the process. The greatest thing to note is the witty upper-class dialog. Dennis Price has the right mixture of believability and sleaziness while Guiness gives a tour-de-force of colorful performances.

Kind Hearts is a very good introduction to Ealing comedies. Other good entries would be The Lavender Hill Mob (more cockney humor), The Ladykillers (which was actually funny unlike the remake) and The Man in the White Suit. All three star Alec Guiness. Then there are those without Guiness like Passport to Pimlico and Whisky Galore!

First class British film-making.Reviewed bya_reynoldsVote: 10/10

As is the case with most great things, the basic premise of this film is simple. There is, however, an essential darkness at the heart of the movie: the cold blooded and calculating murder of all those who stand between Dennis Price and his possible succession to a title. That this is treated in so light and civilised a way is the triumph of the film. The screenplay and performances complement each other perfectly and are a credit to all those involved. I cannot think of a weak link in the film. The casting was beautifully judged down to the most minor character. The leads are, though, just about perfect. For my money, it is the best of Dennis Price's film work (though his Jeeves on television in the 60's was good, too). Guinness was splendid and well supported by Valerie Hobson and Joan Greenwood. I have probably seen the film more than a dozen times in the past thirty years. Each time it offers something fresh and new. Quite simply one of the best.

The greatest Ealing movie everReviewed byMcMurdoVote: 10/10

I was made to watch this movie by my mum many, many years ago. I grumbled for maybe 15 minutes. After that, I was in love. This is definitely one of the best films I've ever seen. Ealing at its best. Alec Guinness at his best. Truly a phenomenal movie. Dark, humorous and brilliantly directed, it's definitely one of the greatest films to come out of Britain. Please rent it (if you can find it). I agree with the other comment - it's totally under-appreciated. Except by those who've seen it.

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