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My Scientology Movie (2016)

My Scientology Movie is a movie starring Louis Theroux, Tom Cruise, and Marty Rathbun. Louis Theroux documents his investigation into what goes on behind the scenes of the infamous Church of Scientology.

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The Synopsis for My Scientology Movie (2016) 720p

Louis Theroux documents his investigation into what goes on behind the scenes of the infamous Church of Scientology.

The Director and Players for My Scientology Movie (2016) 720p

[Director]John Dower
[Role:]Paz de la Huerta
[Role:]Tom Cruise
[Role:]Marty Rathbun
[Role:]Louis Theroux

The Reviews for My Scientology Movie (2016) 720p

Nothing really new, but worth watchingReviewed byejonconradVote: 7/10

Exposing Scientology has become something of a genre unto itself, and this doesn't really break any new ground. There are the usual stories of coercion, confrontations and creepy interactions we've come to expect from Scientologists. If you've seen Going Clear, the Leah Remini series, or even the South Park episode, you won't learn anything you didn't know.

Still, he manages to keep it interesting. The most unique thing he does is hire actors to play out various scenes, with guidance from former Scientologists - mostly Mark Rathbun, the former "Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center". Particular emphasis is given to correctly capturing the explosive temper of David Miscavige.

The biggest weakness in the movie is that Mark Rathbun is kind of an annoying guy. Whereas most former Scientologists are contrite about their own behavior in the cult, he really doesn't take ownership of his past at all. He continuously complains about the abusive tactics the Church uses against him and his family, but whenever Theroux politely points out that he certainly did similar things in the past, he goes into a snit. Weirdly, one of the things that seems to bother him the most is that the Church doesn't acknowledge what a "big shot" he was.

Not a bad way to pass a couple hours, but not likely to be remembered for long.

In the shadow of Going Clear.Reviewed bykodakManiacVote: 5/10

People that know nothing about scientology will find this movie to be a little bit confusing, and people that know about scientology will find the movie a little bit boring.

My Scientology Movie has some funny scenes and interesting moments, but in the end you don't get a really profound impression of what the "church" is all about. Alex Gibney's Going Clear does a way better job, tackling the same subject.

Doing press for his film, Louis Theroux talked negatively about Alex Gibney's Going Clear, calling it a "talking heads" movie, and that My Scientology Movie used a more interesting approach. This is where Theroux is wrong, dead wrong.

When you start talking about scientology, a thousand questions pop up, and those questions need to be answered. And that is where Going Clear prospers and My Scientology Movie ends up being a missed opportunity.

Typically interesting, but nothing we didn't already knowReviewed bybowmanblueVote: 7/10

I've been a fan of Louis Theroux since his humble TV documentary-making beginnings of the early nineties. Without exception I've enjoyed every small screen outing he's produced. Therefore, I was pretty damn excited when I found his latest (and first) big-screen topic was about none other than one of the most talked about subjects of the modern age – scientology.

It's one of the fastest-growing religions, mainly in America, but its churches have been spreading across the world at a steady rate. Now, the thing about scientology that most people seemed so bemused about, is its secrecy. If I wanted to know about any other world religion, I could probably go into any library or bookstore and pick up a text on how it worked and what it was based on, i.e. the bible for Christianity. The – dare I say – 'problem' with scientology is that no one really speaks openly about what it's all about, leaving much speculation.

The church itself often doesn't do interviews, meaning all we – the public – has to go on is what former members have to say about its practices. So, here comes Louis into the fray. Now, as I just said, the church doesn't do interviews, therefore we don't get any 'official' conformation/denials as to the church's ways and means of doing things. We just get the usual former members.

So, to fill the run-time, Louis re-enacts various 'scenes' from what the 'whistle-blower' says happened. These, although if true are powerful, are only one man's word as to what went on. I'm not saying they're false, but, if a documentary is going to be neutral, we're really only treated to one side of the argument. However, of course because scientologists won't contribute this is hardly Louis' fault – it just makes for a one-sided argument.

If you don't know much about the subject, you may find it all quite enlightening and even shocking, but, if you're like me and have seen plenty of previous documentaries on scientology, then it's all a bit 'samey.' It seems that the church don't like unwanted press/media intrusion and go to lengths to 'retaliate.' This comes in the form of following those following them and Louis often finds himself on the end of their film cameras, plus a few – slightly weird – people simply coming up to 'see what's going on' – do they have an alternative agenda? I guess that's up to you to decide.

Louis Theroux is his natural mild-mannered self (or rather 'persona') making the documentary easy to watch. However, the very subject matter doesn't really lend itself to investigating because we only get one side of the story and there's nothing here that most people who are interested in the subject don't already know (or suspect). Therefore, a lot of the screen-time feels like 'padding' with all these staged reconstructions of alleged events. No concrete conclusions are drawn from it all and whether it's simply a modern-day religion which is no worse than the more 'established' faiths is up to you to decide. If you don't know much about scientology, it will certainly make you think and any fans of Louis – like me – will definitely find plenty to enjoy. I just felt there was nothing here worthy of the extended run-time.

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