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O (2001) 1080p

O is a movie starring Mekhi Phifer, Julia Stiles, and Martin Sheen. An update of Shakespeare's 'Othello' with a young cast, set in an upper class prep school, & centered around basketball player Odin.

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The Synopsis for O (2001) 1080p

Tough Coach Duke Goulding leaves nothing untried to lead his almost exclusively white boarding school basketball team, the Hawks, to victory after victory, but his own son Hugo feels his polyvalent technical excellence and tireless efforts -which require using stimulants- are not getting anything like the recognition he deserves, especially when coach gives the best player award to Odin James, the only black teammate, even saying he loves Odin like his own son, who in turn only calls super-rich Michael Cassio to share in the honor. So Hugo, who is liked by everyone, decides to set up the boys who stole his glory, and he knows a cocky adolescent's weak points are his pride and his girl. This Dixie Jago schemes to bring down a black Othello and his Cassio, playing into the poisonous power of jealousy, however badly this also hurts their loved ones and the whole team...

The Director and Players for O (2001) 1080p

[Role:Director]Tim Blake Nelson
[Role:]Julia Stiles
[Role:]Josh Hartnett
[Role:]Martin Sheen
[Role:]Mekhi Phifer

The Reviews for O (2001) 1080p

Modernized Shakespeare at its "best"Reviewed byphrosty20Vote: 8/10

The high point of "O" is that its probably the best "modern" adaptation of Shakespeare to date. However, given competition such as "10 Things I Hate About You", its not much of a compliment. Baz Luhrman's "Romeo and Juliet" was a wonderfully artistic movie, but keeping the original dialogue, a risky premise from the outset in a modern background, harmed the flow of the movie, making it seem incongruous. "O" gets it right, adapting modern language to emphatically convey emotion. For those who haven't picked up on it by now, "O" is a modernization of Shakespeare's "Othello".

O is Odin James(Mekhai Phifer), the protagonist, whose good intentions and tragic flaws work against him when provoked. James' fame comes from his incredible prowess on the basketball court. Odin is a knockout NBA prospect and the center of attention wherever he goes, and seems to have everything, including the dean's daughter as his girlfriend, Desi(Julia Stiles). The glory bestowed upon Odin draws ferocious envy one of his friends, Hugo(Josh Hartnett), who plots a scheme playing on Odin's jealous nature to break Odin and Desi up and, in the process, give him some sense of satisfaction. The story that ensues is stellar (naturally, as it is based off of one of Shakespeare's best works). But, as "Othello" is a tragedy, "O" can only come to a tragic end...

I felt the emotional prescence in this movie much more than I expected to, much more than I would have had had the movie toned its violence and sexual imagery down to snag a more desirable PG-13 rating. Phifer is very convincing in his role as Odin, especially in the dunk contest and the sex scene with Julia Stiles, breathing a murderous rage into a character tragically bound to demise despite his better efforts and honesty. His presence drives the movie, his raging jealousy a brash contrast with Hugo's cool and ruthless methods of deception.

I was very pleased that the issue of race wasn't expounded upon in the movie (as I expecting when I saw the first preview). It holds true to Shakespeare's original intention, which pictures Othello as a "Moor", a person with a strange fasion of dress and appearance. I don't believe Shakespeare meant to make an issue or a statement on race in Othello, and, despite what I'm sure was a juicy temptation, the writers hold true to this, except for one comment Odin makes, which makes sense. To ignore the issue would be foolish if making a true modernization of the play, but it never becomes a main focus of the film. The only thing I would change is to not make Hugo such a sympathetic character. Iago (Hugo's counterpart in "Othello") was an insanely evil character, with little reason to feel a bit of pity or sympathy for his deeds and his motives. Hugo's father clearly neglects his own son's well-being in deferrence to Odin, an important plot element in "O" that is absent from "Othello", making Hugo much more pitious than Iago. Also, some of the scenes felt a bit rushed. Other than this, I highly recommend this movie to anyone who can handle it; some of the scenes are very intense. I gave it an 8 out of 10.

A few flaws don't destroy the film.Reviewed byDr.TeethVote: 7/10

`When devils will the blackest sins put on,/They do suggest at first with heavenly shows,/As I do now.'

I'll get right to the point here: `Othello' is my favorite Shakespeare play. Trying not to compare `O' with `Othello' is almost impossible. I would hazard to guess, though, that the majority of the people in the audience who saw this film with me have not read the play, from their gasps of shock at the `surprise' twists. I think they enjoyed the film quite a lot, and good for them, because there is quite a lot to like about the film. Here I am mostly thinking of Mekhi Phifer (Odin), Julia Styles (Desi), and Josh Hartnett (Hugo), who turn in astonishingly good performances. I will get to those nice things in a moment, however, because there are a couple of things I want to point out that made the film difficult for me to enjoy.

Firstly, I would like to address the poster for the film. The poster is, essentially, Josh Hartnett's beautiful face in the top left quadrant, Julia Styles' beautiful face in the top right quadrant, and a tiny little Mekhi Phifer at the bottom, holding a basketball and framed in a large ?O'. This may not be important to the overall enjoyment of the film, but to me, it left a bad taste in my mouth. Hugo and Desi are not linked romantically in the film (rather, it's Desi and Odin), but they take up about half the poster. Meanwhile, Odin (the title character) is small and greatly overshadowed. Now, I thought long and hard about why the poster designers and producers would have done this, and I came to the conclusion that it's because Phifer is black and Styles and Hartnett are white, and, naturally the studio can't put a handsome black man and a beautiful white girl together on the poster. This kind of attitude is extremely upsetting, and if anyone could clear this matter up for me, it'd be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I stand by my diagnosis.

Another minor problem that I have with the film centers around the character of Hugo. Now, Josh Hartnett did an extremely good job portraying the character, and I was very impressed with his acting skills. I repeat: I am NOT putting down Hartnett's performance. Having said that, I thought that Hugo was a little too sympathetic for my liking. Iago hates Othello simply because he chose Cassio instead of him as lieutenant, and this small slight sets him on the quest to ruin the lives of both men. Hugo, however, is a kid who's underappreciated by his basketball coach dad (Martin Sheen, an actor's actor), and overlooked by his buddy Odin at the MVP ceremony for a mere sophomore. He's jealous of anyone with more talent than him, which fits Odin to a T. This basically puts him in the `teenager who's so hard done by' category, and this makes him too sympathetic, especially to teenagers. After all, what teenager isn't underappreciated by their parents? What teenager doesn't feel like no-one's paying attention to them? Instead of being a twisted, Machiavellian villain, Hugo is the High School kid pushed too far and out for revenge. I would prefer the near-perfect evil of Iago to the misunderstood Hugo any day.

Having made these two points, I did quite enjoy the film (even though it may not have appeared so in my previous two paragraphs). The three main young actors (Phifer, Styles, and Hartnett) put out terrific performances, and there is great screen chemistry between both Phifer & Styles and Phifer & Hartnett. Martin Sheen is great to watch as a basketball coach on his way to a coronary, Rain Phoenix nails the character of Emily, and even the underused John Heard (as the Dean) adds a few subtle touches. Tim Blake Nelson's direction is quite commendable, and there are a couple of very creative cinematography tricks; I especially liked the scene where Hugo and his father talk in his office and the camera slowly pans forward in through the window.

The film addresses many themes (racism, jealousy, distrust, pride), and although it doesn't take a stand on any of them, the film moved at a good pace and kept the plot as convincingly twisted as it needed to be. All in all, it was a good movie, exciting if you haven't read the play, and an interesting interpretation of the story if you have. 7/10

impressive ****1/2(out of five)Reviewed byjoe_pocVote: 10/10

Oh I loved O!!!! when i bought this movie on DVD i was so afraid that it wont be amusing as expected, but after i finished it i repeated it from the beginning and i started watching it again! i thought it would be a regular coll cruel teen-movie when i saw the trailer just like the classic CRUEL INTENTIONS but i found that its so dark so tragic and v.well directed. this movie gives a new meaning for teen-movies, it shows that teen-movies doesnt have to be stupid and simple like the flops SHE'S ALL THAT, BOYS AND GIRLS nor 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU. the performances were more than appealing specially for Josh Harnett although i know the Othello story quite well and certainly the ending i was so touched by the ending. i am impressed

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