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The 33 (2015)

The 33 is a movie starring Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro, and Juliette Binoche. Based on the real-life event, when a gold and copper mine collapses, it traps 33 miners underground for 69 days.

IMDB: 6.91 Likes

  • Genre: Biography | Drama
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  • Language: Spanish
  • Run Time: 120
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 
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The Synopsis for The 33 (2015) 720p

A docudramatic account of the 2010 Chilean mine disaster is presented, where the thirty-three miners who went into the San José Mine in Copiapó, Chile in the middle of the Atacama Desert on August 5 were trapped 700 meters underground for sixty-nine days, with all thirty-three eventually able to make it out of the mine alive. That day, mine foreman, Luis "Don Lucho" Urzúa, reported his concerns to mine owner, Carlos Castillo, about the unstable nature of the mountain under which the mine is located, those concerns which went unheeded. Don Lucho one of the thirty-three, went to work as usual into the mine, when that instability led to collapse in some of the underground shafts, the thirty-three who were able to make it to the refuge area, however with communication channels to the surface inoperable. Under normal circumstances, the refuge area had enough supplies to last thirty men three days. The miners also discovered that the company had failed to place the requisite ladders from ...

The Director and Players for The 33 (2015) 720p

[Director]Patricia Riggen
[Role:]Antonio Banderas
[Role:]Juliette Binoche
[Role:]Rodrigo Santoro
[Role:]James Brolin

The Reviews for The 33 (2015) 720p

The movie fills you with hope and shows what humans can do when their backs are against the wall.Reviewed bycosmo_tigerVote: 9/10

"That's not a rock. That's the heart of the mountain. She finally broke." August 5, 2010 started out like any other day. Mario (Banderas) and 32 other miners headed down in a mountain looking for gold. While they are underground the unthinkable happens. Now, with only enough food and water for 30 people for 3 days the 33 trapped miners must ban together and fight in order to survive long enough to be rescued. This is a difficult movie to make emotional. The subject matter lends itself to it, but this only happened 6 years ago and most people remember the events and the outcome. The fact that most people know how this will turn out is a hard thing to overcome. This movie did that and more. The movie was tense, emotional and really sucks you in. You are on the edge of your seat almost the entire time and you actually forget you know how it will turn out. That is a tremendous thing for a movie to pull off. This is a great movie for all ages and I recommend this. The movie fills you with hope and shows what humans can do when their backs are against the wall. Overall, one of the best movies of the year. I highly recommend this. I give this an A-.

Based solely on its own merit as a movie - awesome!Reviewed byfreemanpatrick7Vote: 8/10

As with all movies "based on" or "Inspired by" a true story, this movie might be filled with some embellishments or even flat out fabrications. If that's true then shame on the producers.

I know nothing about the true events except what I learned from watching this movie. And I have to say I thought the movie was awesome.

There were a few things that could have been done better. Using Caucasian actors to play Hispanic roles was pure Hollywood Cheese. They can't get passed the idea that only movies with white actors make any money. What they won't accept is that bad movies with white actors don't make money either.

But The 33 is an awesome movie. It's a gripping family story, human interest story, character driven, keep-the-tissue-handy kind of film.

If you, like me, wonder why they never make good movies anymore, check out The 33 before it goes away.

+10 all thumbs up movie!Reviewed bydominickdesidVote: 10/10

The very human Mario Sepúlveda (Antonio Banderas) exemplified an attitude of never lose hope as long as there is one shining lantern in the darkness of the abyss. This sanctity gave rise to a superior quality of real leadership, in safeguarding the mission principle of life. A true down, but not out, groveling in the dirt TKO like comeback, by the humble gathering of useful people, resources, in further concord (the underlying real physical economy), while continually pushing the limits of human endurance and morality. The right stuff?of which Chilean miners and families possessed, with not much else, the former USA once had same? in abundance just over 50 years ago, and willingly gave up on it increasingly. Here today in the US of A we would have, beyond a shadow of a doubt, eaten the Bolivian (tasty, just like chicken)! Antonio Banderas was truly graced in his passionate demonstration of a pure miner and gave it the unsurpassed down of the earth grit, in an unblemished powerful performance. To top that, it comes along with a very special unsoiled cast and crew in solid support. In conclusion, let's also give rise to, as crusty representatives of a further surface grubby humanity, a very long silence in the dark followed by an even longer foot stomping noise applause on behalf of any comparable progress pulled out of humanity, anywhere. Bravo! Special note: see also "The Way Back" (2010), with Ed Harris, for similar portrayal of increasing real human dignity while under stark survival conditions.

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