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The End of the Tour (2015)

The End of the Tour is a movie starring Jason Segel, Jesse Eisenberg, and Anna Chlumsky. The story of the five-day interview between Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky and acclaimed novelist David Foster Wallace, which took place...

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The Synopsis for The End of the Tour (2015) 720p

The story of the five-day interview between Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky and acclaimed novelist David Foster Wallace, which took place right after the 1996 publication of Wallace's groundbreaking epic novel, 'Infinite Jest.'

The Director and Players for The End of the Tour (2015) 720p

[Director]James Ponsoldt
[Role:]Jesse Eisenberg
[Role:]Jason Segel
[Role:]Anna Chlumsky
[Role:]Mamie Gummer

The Reviews for The End of the Tour (2015) 720p

Superb Writing, Superb InterpretationReviewed bywarevjensenVote: 9/10

Saw this film last weekend at its world premiere at Sundance. First of all, Donald Margulies' script was fantastic. I am slightly partial to good writing in film, so perhaps that's just what stood out to me, but the dialogue is incredibly well-written and natural and at least generally captures David Foster Wallace's fascinating way of talking. In essence (and in the best of ways), nothing really happens in this movie. There isn't a lot of high stakes drama, but that's exactly what makes it so compelling. It's like we as the audience get a glimpse into two men struggling with the same ideas about life, art, expression, addiction, culture, and depression.

Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg live up to the task of interpreting the script, helped along the way by director James Ponsoldt. The direction is simple, and the camera work is relatively basic throughout, giving the actors plenty of room to work with natural rhythm. Segel definitely impressed me, as this was the first dramatic role I've seen him in. While he didn't exactly capture some of Wallace's real-life mannerisms, I'm not sure if that was exactly the point of the film. He interpreted the script in a powerful way, and I think that that ended up working out quite well for the overall tone of the film. Eisenberg played his usual somewhat neurotic, slightly asshole- ish character very well, and I thought it fit the reporter role perfectly.

Overall, I would strongly recommend the film. 9/10

How do these 'kids' channel men of another era so well?Reviewed bysocrates99Vote: 9/10

We're currently attending a film festival and this is one of the featured films. My first indication that this might be more than I expected was the line of young people, including many young women, who were interested in getting what amounts to stand by tickets for the showing that featured an after movie panel discussion with Jason Segel and the director, James Ponsoldt. Now, I only know of Segel's work and haven't seen much of it. He isn't a particular attraction for me, but after seeing this movie, I'm quite sold on his ability especially when nurtured by the sensibilities of Mr Ponsoldt. The director read Mr Wallace's greatest work 'Infinite Jest' back when it first came out to huge success and makes sure you get a glimpse of the man's ability and charm.

Probably the only unfortunate part of all this is that this movie is not going to have wide appeal. It is almost exclusively about the real life meeting between a Rolling Stone journalist and newly minted super-author David Foster Wallace, back in the 90s. As such it is almost all dialog meant to convey a sense of Mr Wallace's breadth of knowledge about popular culture and his imagination.

There's little drama or action here in the usual sense. Still Mr Segel is most effective in breathing life into the man such that you would love to have known him. Even his co-star, Jesse Eisenberg, who I don't usually warm up to, is quite up to the task at hand, i.e., sparring with the great author to get the real man down on paper.

I loved the film, but I must make special mention that, for a film filled with dialog, for once, I caught every word. There was no asking my wife, what did he say? Why can't every film be as carefully constructed?

A Wannabe Linklater FilmReviewed byThomasDrufkeVote: 6/10

The End of the Tour is directed by James Ponsoldt and based on the memoirs of David Lipsky during his week long interview with famous author David Foster Wallace. Ponsoldt directed one of my favorite films of all time, The Spectacular Now, and is also directing an upcoming Tom Hanks film, so I was looking forward to seeing him take on The End of the Tour. I'll say right off the bat, this isn't a film for everyone. It's for all intents and purposes a 'talkie' that really asks its viewers to pay attention for the entire length of the film or else you'll miss it.

With that said, I liked the movie, but I didn't love it the way I thought I would. Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Segel star alongside each other as the two Davids, and have great on screen chemistry. But it's always hard watching an Eisenberg film. For the most part, he never really escapes his own personality, which is the reason why he was a brilliant choice for Mark Zuckerberg, but I digress. He does fairly well with the emotional weight his character carries at the book- ends of the film, but his performance and character for that matter is pretty dull. The worst part is that he has an incredibly annoying laugh throughout the film, which I hope wasn't intentional.

Jason Segel on the other hand really impressed me. At the surface, his character is also pretty dull, but when the film goes on it begins to make sense as to why he's playing Wallace like that. It's then you realize just how brilliantly guarded and reserved he is as David Foster Wallace. Being subtle as an actor is often one of the most difficult things an actor can do. But the film then tries to spray conflicts on the two lead characters that don't feel natural. The small romance part of this film falls completely flat on its face.

Unfortunately, I found the story built around these two guys to be uninteresting and surprisingly dry. It also is almost mimicking a Richard Linklater film, and fell short in a lot of ways in doing so. I really like Ponsoldt, but I just don't know that he was the man for the job. His ability to pull off the human drama that floods the latter half of the movie is impressive, but it doesn't really save what came before it.

+Segel's understated performance

+Does have some things to say about life

-Feels too much like a Linklater film

-Dull characters, dry story


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