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The Guvnors (2014)

The Guvnors is a movie starring Charley Palmer Rothwell, Jay Simpson, and Tom Davis. The Guvnors is a violent thriller set amongst the clans and firms of South East London, bringing two generations together in brutal conflict.

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The Synopsis for The Guvnors (2014) 720p

The Guvnors is both love letter and hate mail to the alpha male. This story's alpha is Mitch who lives buried in suburban London, having turned his back on his previous life of casual violence and intimidation as part of a legendary South East London firm. In the modern day he's the doyen of respectability and quiet confidence, but Mitch used to be a Guv'nor. This film holds a mirror up to Mitch and shows him the monster once again, buried deep in both DNA and psyche, desperate to break out and wreak havoc.

The Director and Players for The Guvnors (2014) 720p

[Director]Gabe Turner
[Role:]Vas Blackwood
[Role:]Charley Palmer Rothwell
[Role:]Tom Davis
[Role:]Jay Simpson

The Reviews for The Guvnors (2014) 720p

Now THIS is how you do a film in the UKReviewed byfrompagescreenVote: 9/10

Its no secret that when in 2013 I first heard about a project called The Guvnors, I figured it was headed to be a pretty low budget UK crime drama, perhaps it would be about a crime family, perhaps another football violence movie. (nothing wrong with any of those guesses, low budget isn't bad, I love crime family dramas, and I have a few football violence movies on my DVD shelf even though I am not a football fan)Then came the trailer.

Thats when I realised that I really was way off base with my initial article posted last year. On all counts.

Opening with a scene that very much unnerved and shocked the viewer, its with this appearance of a battle scarred Adam (Harley Sylvester) that we are totally assured that 'The Guvnors' isn't a tale of how wonderful the world is, or how everyone is nice to each other. We are dropped firmly in the world where violence exists and knows no boundaries. This opening scene sets the film up perfectly and reminds us of things we read in the paper every few days.

So is 'The Guvnors' about Adam, well yes and no. Because we are also shown the world of 'The Guvnors' through the eyes of Mitch (Doug Allen) who has put down his violent past and carved himself out a somewhat 'normal' family life with his wife and young son, who we also get an insight into as he discovers who he is but also learns who his father used to be.

This is where the absolute genius of 'The Guvnors' shines brighter, taking us into a multi generational trip showing us the world on many levels, from child to young adult, to adult, to pensioner. All tying the story threads up brilliantly in its 95 or so minutes. There isn't a single frame or second of film here that isn't needed to drive the story or the characters and when you get to the end of the film and think "Damn I want another 90 minutes of this" then that perhaps is the best review someone can give for a film.

There aren't many films where you see an entire cast that is excellent. Not one single person out of place and not one line spoken where you think 'oh, that went wrong' I wont go through the list of the entire cast, You can see them for yourself by checking out the IMDb page

Two performances that I have to talk about. Are that of Harley Sylvester (playing the role of Adam) and Charley Palmer Merkell (who played the role of Trey)

The performance awards belong to these two guys. Charley is scary beyond belief, in a sort of way you'd cross the road to avoid walking past him in case a glance or a nod was taken the wrong way and he would bring you down in a second. I've met people like Trey and he nailed it to absolute perfection, tip toeing the line between psychotic and calculating.

I remember thinking "Charley Merkell has gone one hell of a future ahead" whilst watching the film, and then this morning I see that he is currently filming Legend with Tom Hardy.

Now lets move onto Harley Sylvester. Again I am not going to shy away from sharing my thoughts previous to watching 'The Guvnors' When I heard that one half of music act Rizzle Kicks was going to be in the film. Yes I did cringe. However, me cringing at a casting choice isn't something that would ever put me off watching a film. So I went into 'The Guvnors' with a blank mind. Once again, I was wrong. Harley Sylvester was mindblowing in the role of Adam. Sporting a very painful looking scar down his face, Adam is without a doubt a character that will go down in the British film legend list, alongside Noel Clarke in Kidulthood/Adulthood.

Harley plays the role to its maximum, showing us that he is both feared, but also showing that he might just be the person he is because thats what life has made him, he has been crafted that way to survive and protect his family and friends. So often in films we see cardboard cut- out 'villains' Adam isn't one of those and in certain scenes we (or at least I ) felt sympathy for him.

Its easily in my Top 10 of the year so far, and Id like to thank everyone involved in that film for proving me wrong when I figured that 'The Guvnors' would be another typical run of the mill urban drama made on a small budget. Thank you for proving me wrong. Now heres to 'The Guvnors 2'

A gritty and contemporary fable on London's evolving gang cultureReviewed byjonathanbazVote: 8/10

Set in South London, The Guvnors sees the feral, fatherless, hoodied hoodlums of the modern era rail against the gangs of 30+ years ago, when there is suggestion that crime was more "decent".

Recent movies (Harry Brown etc) have trod this well-worn path, but the The Guvnors' strength lies in a combination of a gritty yet credible story, brought to life by an ensemble of outstanding performances. Hip hop star Harley Alexander-Sule, half of the platinum-selling Rizzle Kicks is Adam, a disaffected young man who commands respect from his peers with an uncompromising mix of intimidation and blade. Showing no hesitation early on in horrifically cutting a girl's face who he suspects as an informer, he moves on to demand respect from old-timer Mickey, (a classy cameo from honey-voiced David Essex). The old-school old man, a former boxing coach, floors the young pretender with one magnificent punch but tragically fails to recognise the consequences of his nobility. Adam's gang waste no time and ignoring Queensberry rules their revenge, with the brutality that the half dozen young men can inflict upon a principled pensioner, is as cowardly as it is bloody. The vicious circle spirals as the (now middle aged) former boxing club members vow to avenge their mentor's murder and leading this line of fifty-something vigilantes, Doug Allen's Mitch, a former gangster who's still a chiselled alpha male, squares up to Adam...

Gabe Turner writes and directs a fable that is a bleak snapshot of London's underclass with just a hint of social comment. The police are an impotent force who also miss the authority imposed by old-style "firms" and who resort to brutality whenever they can get away with it. Turner also suggests that violent behaviour is more nature than nurture - Mitch's young son, a product of a comfortable two-parent home is a foul mouthed bully at his grammar school, whilst Adam's young lad, being raised motherless in a council flat by a thug, is angelic. A neat touch from Turner has the feckless father touchingly chastise his son to "eat his greens".

The soundtrack stuns, with Rizzle Kicks having written two of the numbers that give the film an edgy contemporary pulse, whilst a spot of Madness' funk offers a crumb of recognisable music for the greying dads in the audience. Turner is nothing if not a respectful filmmaker and where once The Long Good Friday spoke of a new order taking over the capital, so too does The Guvnors pay homage to that seminal London movie, with a few nicely placed nods for the film-buffs.

Alexander-Sule's massive fan base will see that one way or another The Guvnors will clean up either at the box office or online (though probably at both). But notwithstanding its platinum plated star the movie demands respect on merit. It is a gripping and well crafted tale, that will shock, amuse and ultimately stun with a devastating climax.

The Guvnors has enough new ideas here to shake up your view in this violent thrillerReviewed byminger56Vote: 7/10

Turner writes and directs this passionate movie about football firms and clans of South East London and the interaction of different generations on a violent estate. We follow ex-hooligan Mitch (an impressive Doug Allen channelling a bit of Christian Bale in his performance) whose family life is disrupted when young sadistic Adam (played by Harley Sylvester, one half of pop duo Rizzle Kicks) and his gang of youths terrorise the established order. As Adam slashes and shoots his way to respect, he's taken down a peg or two by the unrecognisable David Essex playing Mickey Senior who once trained Mitch and the old clan. When Adam gets his wild revenge on Mickey, it pulls Mitch out of retirement and back to the brutal and bloody life he left behind before eventually finding out a cruel twist of family fate. From alpha males to unchecked aggression, the film flips between the modern day and flashbacks to Mitch's past which helps explain the different paths of the protagonists. The movie also throws in flashes of comedy amongst the nastiness – a scene with a traffic warden was an hilarious highlight – but the furious flying fists are done with a painful realism which may not be for those with a faint heart. With small but well acted support roles from the likes of Richard Blackwood, Barrington "One Eyed Baz" Patterson (with a real-life past to match the character on-screen) and Vas Blackwood (Lock Stock's Rory Breaker) helping to round out the cast, this slice of street life from the UK gives us some new angles on an established genre plus some funny moments to counteract the knock out fight scenes. With a cool soundtrack and Harley Sylvester showing some impressive acting chops, you may think you know what the film will be about but there's enough new ideas here to shake up your view in this violent thriller. 7.5/10 Midlands Movies Mike

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