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The House That Jack Built (2018)

The House That Jack Built is a movie starring Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz, and Uma Thurman. The story follows Jack, a highly intelligent serial killer, over the course of twelve years, and depicts the murders that really develop his...

IMDB: 7.35 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 153
  • IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 
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The Synopsis for The House That Jack Built (2018) 720p

USA in the 1970s. We follow the highly intelligent Jack over a span of 12 years and are introduced to the murders that define Jack's development as a serial killer. We experience the story from Jack's point of view, while he postulates each murder is an artwork in itself. As the inevitable police intervention is drawing nearer, he is taking greater and greater risks in his attempt to create the ultimate artwork. Along the way we experience Jack's descriptions of his personal condition, problems and thoughts through a recurring conversation with the unknown Verge - a grotesque mixture of sophistry mixed with an almost childlike self-pity and psychopathic explanations. The House That Jack Built is a dark and sinister story, yet presented through a philosophical and occasional humorous tale.

The Director and Players for The House That Jack Built (2018) 720p

[Director]Lars von Trier
[Role:]Uma Thurman
[Role:]Siobhan Fallon Hogan
[Role:]Bruno Ganz
[Role:]Matt Dillon

The Reviews for The House That Jack Built (2018) 720p

The House That Lars BuiltReviewed bydmanchonVote: 9/10

This is not a film that everyone will like or understand. The extreme amount of physical violence and cruelty, and the unconventional storytelling vehicle (a conversation between two people over five episodes in the life of a serial killer) are a huge wall against which most of the public will crash into. But, if the spectator manages to embrace it, the movie its really unique and powerful experience.

1. I really liked how the story is told. Five separate episodes explained during a conversation between a killer and a classic ancient roman poet. The extreme violence of the captured episodes contrast with the calm conversation tone and the highbrow nature of it, without being too pretentious (just a little).

2. The victims of the killer shown a high detachment and a very passive attitude, far from trying to portrait a realistic vision of those horrible crimes, later the director reassure himself by citing 'The lamb' poem of William Blake. I appreciate that approach since otherwise the kind of cruelty shown by the killer will be totally unbearable to watch, and helps to focus on the character and not on the actions.

3. Love the editing of the movie and how the director intertwine recollections of the killer with stock material during the conversation excerpts, i found it very entertaining and pleasant to watch.

4. I admire the epilogue, i found it brave and i liked the style choices, but, it is something that probably will put some people out of the movie.

5. Without trying to analyze much the message of the movie, i enjoy the extreme experience, visually its stunning, the acting is amazing, the storytelling really engaging, editing is great, good use of the music, probably length can shortened a bit.

Epilogue: Overall is a movie that sticks with you some time after watch it, and that is basically what i expect in a great movie. To this day is the LVT movie that i like the most.

Equal parts brutal, hilarious and beautifulReviewed byJustaReplicantVote: 10/10

The House That Jack Built (Directors Cut)Watched 11/28

I've heard so much about this film, I've let myself hear so much about this film. I've been eyeing this one well before it landed at Canne this year. Lars Von Trier and I get along pretty well, while I wasn't a fan of his earlier work The Element of Crime or Epidemic, Von Trier has been consistently genius since. With masterful films such as Dancer in The Dark, Breaking The Waves, Antichrist and Melancholia.

Chances are, you're not going to like The House That Jack Built, and Von Trier really paints it thick with the brutality and sadism. But for all the trolling and shock, Von Trier lays on, there is a beautiful film here, pushing the boundaries of the artform. I've never seen a film like this, I've never felt so uncomfortable laughing at a film. It's hysterically funny but also incredibly disturbing. Matt Dillon took a real chance here with role that would either cement him in greatness or ruin his career.David Bowie's "Fame," blaring in between scenes of grizzly murder, with Jack mobbin' through town in his red van, to throwing heaps of bodies in a commercial walk in freezer, to watching him build a house, and then literally descend through hell. Holy cow, this one is insane, it's gripping and engaging and challenging but it's absolutely worth it.Not for the easily offended or faint of heart, I can't wait to see everyone lose their minds, this will be the most hated film of 2018.

So many fragmented thoughts...

I need to digest further.

After 2 and half hours.......Reviewed byfinesherryVote: 1/10

What can you say? A load of old pompous and pretentious old tosh.

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