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The Incredibles (2004)

A family of undercover superheroes, while trying to live the quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world.

IMDB: 8.0179 Likes

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  • IMDB Rating: 8.0/10 
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The Synopsis for The Incredibles (2004) 720p

Mr. Incredible (A.K.A. Bob Parr), and his wife Helen (A.K.A. Elastigirl), are the world's greatest famous crime-fighting superheroes in Metroville. Always saving lives and battling evil on a daily basis. But fifteen years later, they have been forced to adopt civilian identities and retreat to the suburbs where they have no choice but to retire of being a superhero and force to live a "normal life" with their three children Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack (who were secretly born with superpowers). Itching to get back into action, Bob gets his chance when a mysterious communication summons him to a remote island for a top secret assignment. He soon discovers that it will take a super family effort to rescue the world from total destruction.

The Director and Players for The Incredibles (2004) 720p

[Director]Brad Bird
[Role:Helen Parr/Elastigirl]Holly Hunter
[Role:Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible]Craig T. Nelson
[Role:Buddy Pine/Syndrome]Jason Lee
[Role:Lucius Best/Frozone]Samuel L. Jackson

The Reviews for The Incredibles (2004) 720p

Hulkingly Awesome Superhero MovieReviewed bypopcorninhellVote: 9/10

Shortest review ever: Incredible.

You need more? Fine. Pixar continues an unheard streak of high-quality storytelling and captivating creativity with 2004's answer to the question, "is there happiness in the world?" The Incredibles takes place in a world where super-strength, super-speed, super-cool superpowers exist and heroes are adored by the masses they protect. Yet because of impending lawsuits and municipal damages, the government has stepped in to insure our heroes' secret identities are now their only identities. Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) is struggling with his new "normal" life married to fellow superhero Elastigirl aka Helen (Holly Hunter). His job sucks, the kids have superpowers of their own they're itching to explore and he desperately misses the thrill of crime fighting. In comes a mysterious benefactor who just might be his ticket to a better life.

The Incredibles is Pixar's first real attempt at a completely human world populated by four limbed humanoids as opposed to toys or fishes or bugs. Instead of opting for close-to-human features, which most people find creepy, the characters are exaggerated and cartoony. But don't let that fool you into thinking the details of this marvelous film aren't spectacular. The settings range from Tropical Island to bustling metropolis and exhibit a unique feel and personality. The animators must have taken years out of their lives to complete a film of this caliber.

Yet even if the film wasn't as technically brilliant as it is, it'd still have a great story populated by great characters. Each main character is a new spin on the typical nuclear family with Bob being the lovable but unrealized provider who needs help with his priorities. Helen is the overworked mother, wife and voice of reason yet unlike the valium-taking housewives of the 1950's she can kick all kinds of butt. In tow are three precocious, bickering children: Dash (Spencer Fox) who possesses super-speed, Violet (Sarah Vowell) who has the power of invisibility much like many young teenagers feel they do and Jack-Jack a toddler seemingly lacking superpowers. Also in the mix is the nefarious villain Syndrome (Jason Lee) who reeks of abandonment issues and riotous Edith Head parody Edna Mode (Director Brad Bird) who nearly steals the movie.

I'm honestly surprised that a story like this hasn't been done before. There might be some serials back in the day that expounded on similar themes but I cannot recall any. Sure there are elements of superheroes turned unsanctioned vigilantes in Batman-lore and The Watchmen and The Fantastic Four does have familial ties. But mixing these two themes and adding in a cottage industry in superhero costumes; that's not just new to film but to superherodom.

If on the off-chance you were trapped underneath something heavy for the last ten years and haven't seen The Incredibles, I recommend that you go and see what you've been missing. It's a brilliant original story, artfully crafted to perfection by the dream-makers of Pixar and voiced by smartly casted actors. Did I also mention it's a non-stop thrill ride unlike any other? Well believe me when I tell you that it truly is.

An overpraised but credible pasticheReviewed bydrifteruVote: 8/10

Most Pixar films get good reviews from the critics, but they seem to be falling all over themselves for THE INCREDIBLES. I'm not sure why.

First off, the film strikes me as a pastiche of the Saturday morning cartoons I grew up watching, like THE FANTASTIC FOUR and JONNY QUEST, with a little James Bond thrown in. As such, it seems designed to appeal most to 10- to 14-year-old boys, a group that may be reluctant to go to an animated movie; witness the anemic box office of TITAN A.E. or TREASURE PLANET for proof.

By and large, the story is played straight. There are a few laughs scattered here and there, but the tone is nothing like the mixture of humor and pathos Pixar established for the medium with TOY STORY and Dreamworks exaggerated ad nauseam in SHREK 2.

Perhaps that's what the critics find appealing. THE INCREDIBLES is certainly not like any other animated film I've seen; at times, it's easy to forget that it *is* animated. Some of that is due to the ever-growing artistry of the Pixar team, which often makes you feel like you're watching a comic book/video game come to life.

But as solid as the movie is -- and except for a slow start, I was not bored -- for me, it's missing that little bit of magic to take it to the next level, where millions have found Shrek and Nemo.

Dahling, dahling, dahling.... this movie is incredibleReviewed byMr ParkerVote: 10/10

I hope that this movie does really well because this has to be one of the best animated movies I have ever seen. The story is really cool and it's obvious that there is a lot of respect here for the source of superheroes, whether it be comic books, serial flicks or Saturday morning cartoons.

The movie has an undeniably cool retro feel to it and it shows not only in the design of the picture but also in the music, which definitely sounds like something out of a 60's 007 flick. It is also unusually dark, especially for a Pixar flick. I'm not saying it's dark where people are getting their heads delivered to someone in a box or family members are sleeping with each other or anything like that but there were moments where I found myself wondering if a little kid might be able to deal with the intensity of what was going on on screen. Maybe it was the fact that the heroes were in very real danger most of the time. The bad guys weren't out to catch them as much as they were out to kill them. When you discover who the film's villain is, you can literally feel his anger coming off the screen. I may be over-exaggerating a bit but then again, it really is to the film's credit that it deals with human emotions in the way that it does.

Even though you are watching a film that is populated by CGI characters, the emotions they convey in what they say and do come across as purely believable. Whether watching Bob Parr interact with people at his job or just sitting at his desk was something that rang true to me, just in the feeling of it. Everything about this movie has a very concrete feel to it, even while looking like something you'd see in a comic book. The computer graphics in general were absolutely amazing and the voice acting is excellent across the board, so good in fact, that I really can't pick a favorite from the entire cast. I have to say that Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter were very good as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl respectively. They had a moment near the end of the film that actually touched me but you can see that for yourselves. Samuel L. Jackson was hilarious and thankfully, he wasn't overused. Dash and Violet were realized so well that every time they came up on screen, I loved every minute of it. Dash, in particular was one of the funniest characters in the movie. Jason Lee made for a formidable villain as Syndrome. I loved the fact that he was your typical antagonist but was also aware of the conventions surrounding such a role, like when he chides himself for 'monologuing'. He was also one ruthless bastard, I'll give him that. Even the bit part characters were hilarious. There was a kid on a tricycle in this movie who comes out twice and made me laugh out loud both times.

In fact, this movie reminds me of why I like Finding Nemo over Monsters, Inc. In Finding Nemo, not only are the main characters great but every other character they run into makes some kind of impression on you. Remember all the characters that Marlin and Dory ran into on their adventures together? Of course you do. Whether it was that crazy pelican with the Australian accent, Willem Dafoe as Gill, leader of the fishtank crew, or Bruce the Shark, you remember them after all is said and done and it makes the viewing experience that much richer. That's exactly how The Incredibles is. Every character that appears will make you laugh or intrigue you in some way. I have to admit that I was laughing myself throughout the entire movie, especially with the character of Edna Mode who almost steals the movie. Man, even the end credits are awesome! I have to give the director Brad Bird a big thumbs up for this one. He pulled it off and hopefully this will attract attention to his other animated film, "The Iron Giant", which was sadly overlooked when it was released and is also a really great film.

All in all, I can't recommend this movie enough. I left very satisfied and felt no need to compare this to the rest of Pixar's movies. This one is just as good if not better than any other animated movie released this year and rightfully deserves its place among the best animated movies of all time.

RATING: ***** out of *****.

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