The Sea Wolf (1941) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Sea Wolf (1941) 1080p

The Sea Wolf is a movie starring Edward G. Robinson, Ida Lupino, and John Garfield. After being fished out of the sea by a sealer, three fugitives find themselves prisoners of the ship's brutal skipper who refuses to put them ashore...

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The Synopsis for The Sea Wolf (1941) 1080p

Humphrey van Weyden, a writer, and fugitives Ruth Webster and George Leach have been given refuge aboard the sealer "Ghost," captained by the cruel Wolf Larsen. The crew mutinies against Larsen's many crimes, and though van Weyden, Ruth, and George try to escape Larsen's clutches, they find themselves drawn inexorably back to him as the "Ghost" sails toward disaster.

The Director and Players for The Sea Wolf (1941) 1080p

[Director]Michael Curtiz
[Role:]Alexander Knox
[Role:]Ida Lupino
[Role:]John Garfield
[Role:]Edward G. Robinson

The Reviews for The Sea Wolf (1941) 1080p

A rough sea captain is put to the test.Reviewed bymichaelRokeefeVote: 8/10

This is probably the best remembered version of the Jack London tale. A ruthless and savvy sea captain(Edward G. Robinson)reluctantly rescues a shipwreck and puts his unplanned passengers to work on his ship. Soon he is forced to deal with an enraged, rebellious crew. Directed expertly by Michael Curtiz.

Robinson is great as the meglomaniacal master of the ship. Outstanding performances from Ida Lupino and John Garfield. Also in supporting roles are Howard Da Silva, Barry Fitzgerald and Alexander Knox. Watch this in tandem with another Curtiz swashbuckler SEA HAWK(1940)along with popcorn shrimp and about adventure.

Great Fun and EntertainmentReviewed bynmathiesonVote: 10/10

The Sea Wolf ca be considered as one of the greatest ship films in history. The story is about a writer and criminal who meet up on a ferry. The ferry suddenly sinks and they are rescued by a passing ship, unlucky they are taken on to the ship from hell. Run by a crazy captain, probably one of the greatest villains of all time. The captain is played by the mesmerizing Edward G. Robinsin.

His battling force on the ship would be the young and robust sailor played by John Garfield who gives his greatest performance. Everyone eventually starts to turn on the captain after a tragic death that he caused. The story feature incredible fantastic characters and flawless directing. Other than moments of dreary writing this is a movie to be cherished. With haunting scenes and some delicious excitement you won't be able to turn your head away for a second.By all means see it!

Better to reign in Hell than serve in HeavenReviewed byAAdaSCVote: 7/10

John Garfield (George Leach) volunteers to work on a ship called the "Ghost" in order to flee the police who are searching for him. Ida Lupino (Ruth) is also fleeing the authorities on a passenger ferry and has just been handed over to detectives by sophisticated, nancy-boy writer Alexander Knox (Van Weyden) when the ferry is rammed and sunk. Lupino and Knox survive as the ferry sinks and they are picked up by the ship that rammed them - the "Ghost" - captained by Edward G Robinson (Wolf Larsen). Robinson has no intention of putting them ashore and they join his crew on his pirate ship - the purpose of Robinson's journeys are to steal cargoes from other ships and skulk around in the foggy waters avoiding detection. Robinson is sadistic and Garfield has a plan to make a break for freedom.....

The story is a familiar one of cruelty at sea and mutiny and Edward G Robinson puts in a performance that is the equal of Charles Laughton in "Mutiny On The Bounty" (1935) and Howard Da Silva in "Two Years Before The Mast" (1946) as the sea captain bully. This is his film and he commands it as he does his crew. Garfield and Knox have important roles - Garfield as the angry man who rebels and Knox who becomes Robinson's confidante and holds the key to the film's denouement - but Lupino, while good in her role, does not have much to do. I'm not really sure why she's in the film as the love interest just isn't necessary. Garfield and Lupino may look good as a couple but their romance also does not convince at times, especially when Garfield is soooooo cold towards her yet she comes back for more from him. I don't think so!

The story has many different sequences to it and the pace rolls along nicely. The atmosphere of the film also deserves a mention with the aptly named "Ghost" disappearing in and out of fog banks. The first time we see the ship is memorable as it sinks the passenger ferry at the beginning. There are other memorable scenes including Gene Lockhart's (Dr Prescott) appearance one day dressed in his finest clothing after re-gaining his confidence - you will end up feeling very sorry for him - but, in the ensuing scenes, he does what he believes to be the best thing for a man who still has some dignity.

A final mention must go to Edward G Robinson, who, on occasion, manages to convince the audience that he has a human side to his character. I found it slightly out of character that he would take Knox's psycho-babble to heart as he does but then again, the guy is a psycho so who knows. It's interesting that Robinson is a secret intellectual and given his background, he's actually done very well for himself if you ask me. Maybe I'll see him in hell one day.

Overall, it's an entertaining film that's worth keeping onto.

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